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Being Slightly Ill

My love affair with BSI – Being Slightly Ill is an enduring one. Some of my earliest memories are of lying in bed with soup and toast brought to me, and a copy of The Broons album, maybe even a Twix. 351 more words


I haven’t been on here, for a little while, because I started to feel sick. It started out with a sinus infection, which wasn’t improving. I went to medpoint, the doctor prescribed antibiotics. 514 more words

My Chemical Life

What happened to those pain-killing ear drops?

The Pediatric Insider

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MJ wrote in about her daughter. In the past, she used to use a prescription drop called Auralgan (benzocaine plus antipyrine) for ear pain, but it’s been taken off the market. 557 more words

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Homeopathic Earache Remedy

Husband woke up with a terrible earache this morning. He was dizzy and stumbling around. Of course, my first instinct was to send him to the doctor, but we’re short on cash right now (hence the… 210 more words


How To Get Rid of Earaches Caused Due To Cold...

We often tend to suffer from cold and flu due to seasonal changes. Running nose, continuous sneezing, headaches, sore throat, etc. are not something anybody likes. 410 more words

Pain is Real

Remember the other day when I said I went driving around and thought maybe I was getting an ear infection? Well, I’m still not sure if it’s infected or if I’m just having some sinus / allergy issues. 466 more words

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