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Bumpy Roads

For the first time since I left the UK behind I find I am hitting a few road bumps in life. Sure, life in Myanmar was difficult, but I felt like those bumps were an integral part of the journey away from the UK and into International living. 844 more words


Home Remedies for Earache Treatment

This article deals with the home remedies for earache treatment. Here we will discuss the remedies which are used to cure the earache. Little things are always avoided and so are the ‘aches’. 26 more words


Watch out for earaches.

Just because you didn’t go swimming doesn’t mean you can’t come down with a painful case of swimmer’s ear. We can also get it from a super-sweaty workout, which increase moisture in the ears – or from wearing earbuds, which can scratch the skin and give bacteria an entry point. 18 more words

Connie Sellecca

How to Remove Water From Ears?

This situation has almost happened with everyone. Water can enter your ear while swimming, taking the shower, taking a bath or any possible situation. The wax present inside our ears helps in preventing fluid or water from entering the ear deep inside. 14 more words



Talk is of Kali

Eleven hour candle says nine

Suddenly snuffed it

Solitude is loneliness

Without persistent bullshit


BITERS - 'Electric Blood' (Earache) [6]

Taking the once fiercely contrary sounds of ‘70s dinosaur rock and ‘80s new wave punk and forcing them into an unlikely marriage, Atlanta four-piece Biters are a little perplexing upon first listen. 99 more words