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February 16, 2017, Bloated

Today Sonic sold 50-cent corn dogs, and our office bought 100.  I ate six, because they were there.  That was eight hours ago, and I still feel full. 54 more words

Random Thoughts

Song of the Week: Nocturnus – Destroying the Manger

As my Top 10 Albums of the Year proved, “death metal in space” was a big thing in 2016. So let’s travel back in time to 1990 and the album that started it all: Nocturnus’ … 110 more words


Home Remedies for Earache

Ear anguish can be sharp and piercing. There is various possible purpose behind ear torment. Gaps, sinus ailments, ear wax, and tonsillitis are some general ones. 272 more words


When your ear bursts...

I ruptured my eardrum last month.

My travel schedule had been hectic- with numerous airline flights and several long drives over a 10 day period. My sinuses and the crazy schedule had taken their toll on my physical health. 284 more words

Tiffy - Wonder Drug Of Thailand.

Now this is not what my blog is about but I feel that it is worthy of a mention because Tiffy is truly Thailand’s wonder drug. 348 more words


38 Weeks and Sick!

I woke up with an earache on Sunday morning and that is always my usual sign that sometime worse is about to come. I should have stayed home Sunday morning, but instead I went to church and hope no one else is going through this! 321 more words

Baby enforced break..

Today, my littlest Ladey has been easing my pain. I’ve had an itchy ear for months, for the last week I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy, and last night it went from annoying to really painful, and this morning the ear started bleeding. 996 more words