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“We become what we think about.”

-Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret



Do me a favor, take out your cell phone and look up the definition of success. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Chances are it would look something like this. 122 more words

The Power of Your Thoughts

Most of the time our thoughts are on auto-pilot. But what would happen if you deliberately sat down at the controls, grabbed the steering wheel and flipped auto-pilot into the “Disengage” position? 242 more words



Earl Nightingale was the first mass media voice of reason I ever heard regarding self-improvement. He offered concrete, non-woo tidbits of helpful information that anybody could understand and put to use. 570 more words

Cultural Highlights

Words of Wisdom: Own your life

All of us are self made, but only the successful will admit it

Acres of Diamonds, Again

I have been working on some new small pieces. When I finished this piece, which is 2″ by 6″ on paper, and was trying to read what I was seeing in it, I immediately thought of the blog entry below from several years back. 617 more words

Recent Paintings