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Bulletin! Discovery of New Portrait of "Shakespeare"! And the Evidence of His Identity Points to the Earl of Oxford!

There is a delicious irony in the discovery, claimed this week by British botanist and historian Mark Griffiths, that an engraving on the inside title page of the 1597 book… 1,003 more words


The Welsh Rebellion that Henry VII Lost to Richard III

While reading Michael K. Jones’ dry, if detailed, study of the life of Margaret Beaufort[1], I was amazed to learn about a small but significant Welsh rebellion conducted against Henry VII and his hagiographic mummy that I’ve never heard mentioned anywhere else. 1,575 more words

When the Paradigm Changes, So Too the Surrounding Concepts Must be Changed

Mark Anderson, author of Shakespeare by Another Name (2005) recently shared a statement about how difficult it can be to accept a new paradigm in place of one to which we have become attached.  1,115 more words


What Do Saul Bellow and "Shakespeare" Have in Common as Writers?

When the Shakespeare paradigm finally shifts from illusion to reality, the world will begin to see that the true author did not write about a wholly imagined life, but, rather, he wrote mostly about a… 509 more words


Ugly duckling to swan

James Shapiro Contested Will:
Who Wrote Shakespeare?
Faber and Faber 2010

Sweet Swan of Avon! What a sight it were
To see thee in our waters yet appear,

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"Were I a king..." -- "Had I no eyes..."

Were I a king I might command content;

Were I obscure unknown would be my cares,

And were I dead no thoughts should me torment, 271 more words


Janet Suzman Skewers the Oxfordians | Chris Hilton ~ Writer

Originally posted on Chris Hilton ~ Writer.

I have just finished an interesting book by Janet Suzman, a fine Shakespearean actress. She played one of the best Cleopatras I’ve seen in 1974 and produced and directed a brilliant Othello in Johannesburg in 1987.

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