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Re-Posting No. 13 of 100 Reasons Why Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford: Titian's Painting of Adonis Wearing a Hat

He sees her coming and begins to glow…

And with his bonnet hides his angry brow…

For all askance he holds her in his eye … 726 more words


Ernest Hemingway Doubted that Will Shakspere of Stratford was "William Shakespeare"

We now have new research and discovery by Nina Green, with follow-up by Linda Theil, whose report to the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group is posted here below: 1,233 more words


Re-Posting Number 12 of 100 Reasons Why Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford: The Queen's Men


In 1583, as Philip of Spain prepared to invade and conquer England, the British government created a new acting company as part of secret service activities, which included wartime propaganda to promote patriotic loyalty and unity.  1,824 more words


"Shakespeare Confidential" -- The New Book by C.V. "Chuck" Berney

This is a gem of a book filled with sparkling jewels of new insight and new information — for Shakespeare lovers of any kind.  Chuck Berney has been a leader in the field of Shakespearean authorship and of the Oxfordian movement for many years, but he is also, by nature and experience, beyond and above such labels or definitions.   202 more words


Re-Posting Reason 11: Oxford's Prefatory Letter for "Cardanus Comforte" of 1573

(Note: Below is a re-posting of all three parts of Reason 11 much as they originally appeared on this blog site. The combination of all three parts accounts for the length of this single post.   4,136 more words


New Edition of "An Index to Oxfordian Publications" - More than 9,000 Entries

James Warren has done an amazing job as sole author and editor of the 4th Edition of An Index to Oxfordian Publications. The 2017 edition is nearly twice the size of the 2015 version, — not to mention its new sections that expand its already extensive coverage of all Oxfordian publications over the past 95 years. 137 more words


Re-posting No. 10 of "100 Reasons" for Oxford's Authorship of the Shakespeare Works - "Hamlet's Book"

Polonius: What do you read, my lord?

Hamlet: Words, words, words.

The book Hamlet carries on stage and reads during the play has been identified by scholars as… 1,559 more words