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Disney Springs Mania? It's an Earl of Sandwich Obsession!

My friends, I think I’ve become obsessed with Earl of Sandwich.  It’s amazing, to me at least, since I’ve never considered myself a fan of hot sub sandwiches. 278 more words


November 3rd National Sandwich Day

Could America exist without the sandwich!?! I don’t think so. It is probably the most popular food in all of America, maybe even the world. We now have breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and dinner sandwiches. 316 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards"*...

45 years ago, four eminences took the stage at the University of Toronto: Irish actor Jack MacGowran, best known for his interpretations of Samuel Beckett; English poet and dramatist…

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Oh, My! It's an Earl of Sandwich Event! It's a Photo Avalanche!

Good morning, my friends!  It’s a happy, happy day, here, in The ATL!  Our Earl of Sandwich has finally opened for business!

Now, I don’t want to turn today’s post into a “yay for us” moment, but I do have to say that Mrs. 87 more words


The Royal Origins of the Simple Sandwich

When was the last time you ate a sandwich? For lunch this afternoon? Yesterday? Are you eating one right now as you read this? Ever wonder how they came about? 516 more words


Earl of Sandwich

Date of visit: 4/18/2015

Earl of Sandwich is my Vegas comfort food place of choice. I can always depend on them for a great sandwich and soup after a long night of clubbing. 131 more words

The Wexford Way Chapter 3

The Wexford Coastal Path

Chapter Three


The lost treasure of Dollar Bay


A warm bright day in early summer is perfect for the long walk.  1,612 more words

Wexford Coastal Path