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The Best Baseball Player Born in Kentucky: Jim Bunning

A state clustered just above the south and east of the west, Kentucky is not well-known for its baseball players. A state with a great basketball tradition at the college-level, it’s not a big baseball factory. 177 more words

Facts And History

The Other Guy in Murderer's Row

The 1920s Yankees, known as Murderer’s Row, are one of the most famous of all teams. But in many ways it’s selectively famous. People know Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. 885 more words


A Man Who Could Lead a Team and an Army 2/8/14

Hey baseball fans!

A couple of days ago, it was Babe Ruth‘s birthday! However, considering I’ve blogged about him a number of times, today I will be telling you about one of his fellow Hall of Fame teammates. 190 more words

The Class of 1970

Lou Boudreau
Earle Combs
Ford Frick
Jesse Haines


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RIP, Players Falling Off the 1941 Ballot

Once again we’ve reached a sad time for some long-dead players and a happy time for me, the time where we can eliminate some players from the ballot. 1,491 more words

RIP, Obituaries Of Players We're No Longer Considering

Put SOMEBODY in, coach...

If I asked you to name the best centerfielders, you’d rattle off, Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. Joe D. Speaker and Cobb (two newbies in our 1936 election), and and and…you’d probably trail off after that. 675 more words


Baseball's Surprising Stats: Joe DiMaggio

Although Joe DiMaggio would still have been a Hall of Fame caliber player without the legendary 56-game hitting streak he enjoyed in the summer of 1941, in the few short months before the U.S. 777 more words