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Stout Fire Pit: Student Reflection 5

“Camping here on Earlham’s campus was a very interesting experience. We were on campus, yet it felt so far away from the buildings and the light. 126 more words

Stout Fire Pit: Student Reflection 3

“As I laid in my sleeping bag, the only sounds I could hear were that of a crackling fire, hushed voices, and a strong Indiana breeze blowing through the treetops. 525 more words

Stout Fire Pit: Student Reflection 2

“I thought it was so amazing to go camping on a Sunday night. I never would have thought that I could have done this on a school night, especially when I had class at eight in the morning. 92 more words

Stout Fire Pit: Student Reflection 1

“Last Sunday evening Abby organized an evening camping out near the Stout bonfire pit. I was excited in the week leading up to it as I hadn’t slept outside in months. 318 more words

Reflection Books!

Paper is made and the books are bound!

Place Responsive Project

The creation of this blog began as a way to document a project this fall semester as I am taking a class called Pedagogies of Place at Earlham College.   464 more words

A Senior Year Style Update

Welcome back to school!

We have become submerged in our Fourth Year of undergraduate studies at Earlham College and have finally found time to give a proper update! 168 more words