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The Final Countdown

Woah. Can I just quickly say how strange it feels to know that in 9 days our production of The Boy in Black will have ended? 239 more words

Earlham College

'A Note from the Director'

I don’t like director’s notes usually, I think they are most often a good idea poorly executed. My goal for the following lines is to achieve something closer to an artist statement, so here goes.  366 more words

Earlham College

Margaret Hamilton, the Woman Behind the Moon Landing - Amazing Women In History

Nearly fifty years ago, history was made when Neil Armstrong took his famous first small step on the surface of the moon. But, as they say, behind every great man is a woman, and for Armstrong that woman was Margaret Hamilton, the programmer who invented the software that made the moon landing possible, not to mention software itself. 59 more words

20th Century

Earlham College Barstool from Dreamseat

Brand your lounge with our interchangeable logo Furniture. The lounge is a place where students or employees relax on their breaks or after a long hard day and it should not only be comfortable but also reflect the brand or school that they are representing. 70 more words


"Upon The Gallows Tree": E. Merrill Root's poem "Witchcraft"

About a year ago I was browsing through the Dictionary of Midwestern Literature: Volume One—The Authors, and I read the entry on a writer named E. 779 more words

Giant beavers, giant sloths…and Judi Dench

The saber-tooth tiger, giant beaver, and dire wolf didn’t concern me much. No, I wouldn’t like to meet a saber-tooth tiger in the wild, but those animals seem almost commonplace. 249 more words


So it begins...

By Alexia Springer

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan W. 596 more words