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5 Reasons We Will Never Settle Down In Our Early 20s

In your early 20s, when your friend tells you that she is seeing someone new, instead of getting excited and asking her to spill the details, you beg her to be cautious. 1,052 more words


I haven’t written one of these for a long time, and to my defense, I believe it has less to do with laziness and more to do with social anxiety.   315 more words

Idaho Adventures

Where the fuck am I?

I am quite sure That it’s a general rule of your 20’s to not know what the hell is going on. If it is not, someone Should definitely make it one Because being 24, is basically bullshit. 310 more words

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U N F A Z E D .

I am finding it increasingly difficult for anything to hold my attention. Books, television shows, hobbies, interests; anything. Everything.

I am unfazed.

I have plugged myself into this routine that I have held for almost two years, and though I rarely find joy in it, it is comfortable; familiar. 40 more words

Early 20s

When Being a Girl in Your Early 20's Is Awkward as F!%#

When people talk about their ‘awkward phase’ they usually narrow it down to one moment in time when they were too awkward to bare. A time that is usually captured in the one family photo that is hanging up above the mantle. 301 more words


15 Ways You Know You are in Your Late 20's Vs. Your Early 20's

I had to make this because I just graduated from college after working on my degree on and off for nine years. I don’t know if that seems relevant to the title, but it makes sense to me! 437 more words


Life Choices

As a lady in her early 20s I am constantly receiving ideas for possible careers from well-meaning family and friends. People have suggested that I become a lawyer, a teacher, a retail manager, a recruitment consultant, a lecturer, a receptionist, a journalist, a shelf stacker, a glamour model, a civil servant, a shop owner… The list goes on. 896 more words