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It's Been A While...

Wow… It’s been a minute since I last checked in. And I must say, a lot has happened…. A LOT. I won’t get into everything but let me tell you, this summer has been completely filled. 465 more words

My boat sailing through the fog of solitude

I dived deeper into astrology trying to make sense of all of the internal, emotional pain, but it never changed the fact that I constantly… 48 more words


wake up and

Finally putting a stop to a week long pity party. For a few days it was just me, my bed, and hunger pains. Breaking up with my significant other was surely the right thing to do, but that didn’t stop it from hurting like a son of a bitch. 304 more words

Just Beyond the Horizon

This IS my very first blog post…. Well not really. I use to blog heavily when I was younger. Come to think of it, I use to do way more when I was younger. 101 more words

The Quarter Life Crisis: How to Know if You're Having One

Quarter Life Crisis: realizing that real life is nothing like what your many years of schooling prepared you for and totally freaking out that now you are a real adult who has to do things like pay bills and make your own doctor’s appointment all while maintaining a social life and making your boss happy….*heavy breathing*….. 265 more words


How to keep your Relationship Alive -Especially When you have a Chronic Illness

I am not a relationship expert nor will I ever be. I am in a happy long term relationship with my fantastic boyfriend, but that does not mean we don’t have our ups and downs. 676 more words