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My After Graduation Journey

Hey everybody!!!!! 

Long time, no see, huh? I have not blogged in about 5 months because I have been BUSY! I have been working ,finishing up graduate school and taking care of business at home. 2,581 more words


Productivity and mood

Today was a very productive day for me. I did 19 pages of work and it felt like nothing. I worked “through” lunch and finished by 3. 106 more words


Why You Should Live Alone in Your 20's

Since December of this year I have been living relatively alone. I had a dorm room to myself for the past semester and now I am moved into my first apartment and will be living alone for the next few months while my roommate is away at an internship. 871 more words

What Does 'Adulting' in Your Early 20s Really Mean?

Another day of work and another night of trying not to order Grub Hub while sitting on the couch watching Netflix. When we enter the “real world”, we often think about whether we are actually adults, or not. 528 more words

Everyday Life

Sorry I won't buy your Tupperware, Younique, Avon, etc

I don’t know about anyone else but I always get bombarded and get pressured to buy highly marked up items so someone can earn between a 5% and 35% commission with the majority of the money I spend go to the top earners and the CEO of the company. 146 more words


Fancy lunch

I treated myself to a fancy lunch today. It just looked fancy, but wasn’t actually because I the cheapest person alive. It was a Gyro and a Greek salad. 35 more words


Less Resistance 

” It’s all good baby,bay-bee ” Notorious B.I.G Circa 1993

  • As time progress further I find myself like water easily transformed into something new leaves traces of my original substance.
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