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Why Women In Their Early 20’s Don’t Actually WANT A Boyfriend

Originally published on FAF Magazine

Love is great. No, no let me try that again. Being in love is fucking awesome! But a relationship can only blossom when you’re ready for it. 581 more words


Why We Need To STOP Rushing Into Adulting

I just turned 23 in August. As much as I want to consider myself an adult when someone expects me to understand how to do taxes or how a pension works I immediately realize that I am not as much of an adult as I think I am. 243 more words


Twenty Sixteen.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say 2016 sucked. Maybe 2016 happened to be a great year for you. If so, then I’d like to say congratulations… but not until you show me some proof. 1,895 more words


Bye I Love You

When I said those words I did not mean them

As an incantation to incite reciprocality,

Nor as a binding contract

Nor, necessarily, for obligatory reply. 163 more words


To Ghost or Not to Ghost?

To ghost or not to ghost? That is the romantic question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the dating world to suffer the angst and unhappiness of another at your rejection or to merely fade into the night without a word. 472 more words

20 Something

Can You Really Be Happy?

My message today is short, easy, and to the point. I was talking to my friend last night and she was talking about whether she wanted to move forward with a particular guy she’s seeing. 329 more words


Episode 9: College Dayz - Our HBCU Experience

It’s time for another chat with Good Girls Behaving Badly. Listen to us talk about current events, including Toni Braxton, Donald Trump, and more! Plus our main topic, College Dayz – Our HBCU Experience.