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Life Choices

As a lady in her early 20s I am constantly receiving ideas for possible careers from well-meaning family and friends. People have suggested that I become a lawyer, a teacher, a retail manager, a recruitment consultant, a lecturer, a receptionist, a journalist, a shelf stacker, a glamour model, a civil servant, a shop owner… The list goes on. 896 more words

What my Early 20's Thought me

There are more fish in the sea.

Yes the saying is true! Are they all dick heads?…still trying to figure that one out. 

It’s okay to cry over a fling. 226 more words


One Big Scary Adventure

…that my life has become.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m more than halfway through my time in Toronto- and that’s crazy. It feels like just yesterday that I set my suitcases down in my apartment, took a deep breath, and thought, … 465 more words



Graduating from college is a daunting time. Thanks to advances in social networking, we no longer have to physically ask our fellow peers what their latest endeavors are because they mercilessly penetrate our eyes on a daily basis. 595 more words


religious schools, religious rules

The following is a letter I wrote to Seth Andrews of the Thinking Atheist podcast for his recent broadcast called Religious Schools, Religious Rules.  It documents my experiences growing up at Bob Jones University and my recent experiences with the GRACE investigation of sex abuse at the school. 857 more words


New Video | Early 20's - @EdgarSosa909 #W2TM

This is Edgars debut song on our site i came across this and i had to share it. Cali has a few under the radar rising artists IMO.


Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for.

I have recently turned 21 years of age and I will not even try to hide the fact that I was freaking out. I was worried about receding hairline, wrinkles, what creams to use, and about life in general because I truly believe I haven’t found myself. 650 more words