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OMG! I Quit My Job!

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you guys. As you can tell by the title of this blog, A LOT has happened. 690 more words



Hey friends. I know, I know, who’s that girl? It’s been almost a full year since I last blogged, and there are so many changes that have been made in my Life since. 772 more words


It's Finally Happening!

Hey guys! I know it’s only been like a week since I last posted BUT…I said I was going to do better with keeping you guys updated so that’s what I’m trying to do! 416 more words


Things Are Looking Up

I know it’s been a minute since I last posted. I’m not going to lie and I’m not going to try to come up with excuses. 594 more words

Brayce Yourself

Welcome to our first column! Each week Emily, Susannah and I will be updating you with our thoughts from the week, so keep tuned and Brayce yourself for all the excitement to come… 761 more words


The stuff, Day 26

I was a long-haired film geek in my early 20s. As I’m sure many of us Gen-Xers were AT (after Tarantino).

I wrote a screenplay about a cat. 59 more words


Why do we feel the need to be with someone?

I’ve been asking this question for years.

Ever since I was 16 years old, I always found myself in a relationship. I would date a guy, he would break up with me, and then a week or two later I would find myself in another relationship. 320 more words