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The Best Reason

Having only recently entered the “real world” (aka, the world post-college graduation), and having been a hardcore relationship-er (relationship-er: one whose relationship status is usually “in a long-term relationship”) for most of my life, the whole dating thing is pretty new to me. 647 more words

That Thing Called Love

20 Something: Best Date Night in a Long Time (Possibly Ever)

Spontaneous dates are the best. The ones you aren’t even aware are dates until the romance is suffusing the room with a light scent of cherries. 378 more words

20 Something

I Miss The Airport.

When you account for every plane involved and count multi-leg trips, I have been on somewhere between 35 and 40 flights since August 2011. That’s more than 35 takeoffs and 35 landings. 772 more words

The Existential Crisis

When I graduated, I had no idea what career I wanted to persue. I knew that I wanted to do something related to my major but as I persued different writing jobs, I felt the love that I had for writing slowly slip away. 225 more words


third semester in history.

i’ve finally reached the end of third semester after having gone through numerous ups and downs.

my most favourite class was calculus.i passed first and second test ‘beautifully’.unfortunately,lady luck wasnt there when i was answering the final paper.segala hal pasal trigonometric,logarithmic (known as my major weakness) i cant figured out the answers.so,let it gooo 💃 136 more words

Early 20s

Selective Memories & Denying Reality

I’m not going to lie – I can be a bit of a sad-sack . Without realising, I tend to focus on the have-nots; sometimes, I forget that I have done some pretty incredible things and have lived a pretty exciting life. 616 more words

Early 20s

Melbourne Alley Ways

A while ago, I had been experiencing little ‘phlump’. Nothing catastrophic, it was more like a cloudy Sunday… that lasted for three weeks. I was very relaxed, had (A LOT of) time to think and met some people I didn’t expect to shoot the breeze with. 195 more words