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Peak Twentysomething

20 stories about being twentysomething by twentysomethings around the world.

In honour of our patron saint, the lady in this photo.
  1. Phoning my aunts (dispersed across 3 continents) for tax evasion tips.
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Dating, and why it's so hard

Dating is super hard. Like, really hard. Maybe it is just me, and I am living in this mysterious make believe world, where what I have in mind for a partner is not realistic. 718 more words


Follow Your Path - Even Leading Away From Your Parents

I’m in my early 20’s. Described as the most intense time in your life, as you discover what it means to be you. Throughout your life, if you’re lucky enough, you have two parents to raise you and fill your head with ideas of what success is and isn’t. 844 more words

 Skincare Routine for my 20s

Hi lovelies!!

Setting up a skin care routine has been a little difficult in my early 20s. Most of the people in life are telling me to wait because I’m so young and there’s still so much time. 382 more words

Then and Now

I haven’t written anything in some time but, to be honest, there’s isn’t a lot of time to sit and ponder in my life. E… 472 more words

How I Spend My 'Lazy Days'

I don’t know about you, but I take my lazy days very seriously. I like to do a lot of nothing on my days off. I wake up late. 225 more words


Rant Time

I like makeup. Yes, I said it. I really like makeup. I like to play in different colors. I love to see all the different looks I can create. 386 more words