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Trying To Get On Track...

Lately, I feel like my life has been completely and utterly off track when it comes to my health. I haven’t been eating the healthiest foods. 332 more words

F.N.V: Reminiscences – Music of my Early 20's

By Kalie Zamierowski

On my blog, Just Dread-Full, I’m adamantly open and enthusiastic about my love for all things (or most things) horror. Indeed, this passion is foregrounded so much that it often eclipses my other loves in life – a reason why I started another blog a few years ago, one I didn’t have time to follow through with and for which I ultimately stopped writing. 2,641 more words

Silly Stuff

No More Excuses

This is an old blog post but I decided that I wanted to repost it! Somebody may need to hear this! I know I needed to hear it again! 660 more words

Commonly Asked Questions to Us Beginner Adults

As beginner adults, we are asked multiple questions. These questions come from family, friends, and foes. They are either concerned, genuinely interested, nosey, hating, judging or just making conversation. 311 more words

Early 20's

Next Step: Grad School? Maybe.

One of the common questions for early 20’s adults. I have been asked by numerous people if I plan on going to grad school? To answer your question, yes. 232 more words

Early 20's

Getting Organized

If you’re a young adult living in the real world, organization is a MUST. As for me, I have a slightly busy life and sometimes trying to juggle everything I have to do can get hectic. 928 more words

How to Get a Job in 30 Days

I hope you didn’t come here looking for the answer to the title, because I don’t know. I was hoping you knew.

When I started college I had a plan. 246 more words

Early 20's