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Feeling Selfish

Oh hello there! I haven’t written anything in a really long time because life has gotten busy… in the best way. At the end of last summer, I made a decision to make the new year (I still go by school years) all about me. 595 more words


These three pieces, and three paragraphs in particular, have meant a lot to me this past year. They are what I look back on whenever I feel lost, need comfort, or am seeking inspiration. 504 more words

Early 20s

Who will I be, at age 20?

At the ripe age of 20, it is natural to want to get away from responsibilities. It is also natural to avoid all questions regarding the future. 213 more words

Early 20's

The realization of satisfying existence

It’s not until you’re driving home on that dark road with a minimal amount of traffic lights. It’s not until all of the windows are down, and your favorite song is on repeat. 143 more words


5 Reasons We Will Never Settle Down In Our Early 20s

In your early 20s, when your friend tells you that she is seeing someone new, instead of getting excited and asking her to spill the details, you beg her to be cautious. 1,052 more words


I haven’t written one of these for a long time, and to my defense, I believe it has less to do with laziness and more to do with social anxiety.   315 more words

Idaho Adventures

Where the fuck am I?

I am quite sure That it’s a general rule of your 20’s to not know what the hell is going on. If it is not, someone Should definitely make it one Because being 24, is basically bullshit. 310 more words

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