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Episode 9: College Dayz - Our HBCU Experience

It’s time for another chat with Good Girls Behaving Badly. Listen to us talk about current events, including Toni Braxton, Donald Trump, and more! Plus our main topic, College Dayz – Our HBCU Experience.

20 Somethings

I'm Having a Quarter-Life Crisis


I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time, and I apologize. My last post was on “Pokémon GO,” a game I spoke so highly of yet no longer touch. 1,542 more words


The Glory Is In You

Happy Friday!!! Today, I decided I wanted to follow-up on my goal setting post with some motivation to make sure you keep up the pace on reaching your goals or start goals you may not have begun. 400 more words


Beyoncé Taught Me

So I went to the my first Beyoncé concert last week. I was so excited because I never thought it would happen. See, every time she comes to town I just purchased something expensive so I  never have the money. 341 more words


Bridget Jones, minus the happy ending

A disclaimer, do not subscribe if you are looking for uplifting stories of modern love.

I type this in a basement flat located in a town in south England whilst my flatmate eats burnt spaghetti carbonara out of a wok. 411 more words

Early 20's Crisis

Adulthood is arguably one of the most difficult stages in anyone’s life because this is where you start to immerse yourself into the world where you’re given the big responsibility to create a bright future for yourself, and sometimes, even for the people who might come into your life. 642 more words


27 Things Every Early 20-Something Needs To Hear Right Now

1. There will never be an age where you feel like you totally know what you’re doing. You will have days where you feel like Beyoncé and so sure that you’re absolutely flawless with you, yourself, and your life. 1,688 more words