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Just Like Music: "Where The Party At", 2001

I wasn’t in Seattle the day I turned twenty-one years old and was unable to spend it with my friends. That didn’t sway my BFF Tisha. 2,037 more words


Just Like Music: "Revolution", 2000

In spite of all the fanfare and worry that took place leading up to the new millennium the year 2000 arrived with little complication. For me 2000 was the year I finally began to make halting steps towards adulthood. 1,311 more words


Marijuana use in early adulthood may increase prediabetes risk in middle age

Young adults who self-reported smoking marijuana had a greater risk for developing prediabetes by middle adulthood when compared with adults who reported never smoking marijuana, according to research in Diabetologia. 428 more words


Not Freaking Out

It’s tough going through a crisis, but in my twenties it seems inevitable at every crook in the road. I have two jobs and finished the pre-requisite teaching courses at the local university, but I looked five years into the future and freaked out. 543 more words

Cognitive Development

Postformal thought- proposed 5th stage

  • Reflective, relativistic and contexual- think deeply about many aspects of work, politics, relationships and other areas of life.
  • Provisional- never ending search for truth.
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Friendships – important across the life span. As you grow older you tend to have more opportunities on meeting new friends because of new life circumstances. 41 more words



Intimacy vs Isolation is Erikson’s sixth developmental stage, which individuals experience during early adulthood. Young adults form healthy friendships and intimate relationship with one another, intimacy will be achieved: if not isolation will be the effect. 131 more words