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His Childhood and Dreams...

Being born to middle-class family he had normal childhood and upbringing which is more typical to most (sub)urban Eastern cultures. Then when he was aged 4, he was brought to my nation’s largest metropolis – Delhi(NCR). 871 more words


Test driving narcissism (how I almost became a narcissist).

This is directly related to my last post, about HG Tudor’s theory of codependency and NPD.   My parents tried hard to turn me into a narcissist, and it almost worked.   2,275 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

My Ex-Boyfriend Got Engaged and This Is What I Learned

I was lying on my couch studying when I got a text from my mom saying: “call me.” I dialed immediately, when your mother sends you a text like that, you don’t just ignore it. 773 more words

The 3 priorities in an early adulthood relationship.

Yeap, you saw it right. Ratana is writing about relationships! I know it’s pretty amusing to see me write about this topic, especially being a person who can be so unladylike at times. 1,177 more words


A New Beginning

Early adulthood is a stage of exploration and self-discovery, a time when you become who you are meant to be and ultimately shape the rest of your life.  328 more words