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Cognitive Development

Postformal thought- proposed 5th stage

  • Reflective, relativistic and contexual- think deeply about many aspects of work, politics, relationships and other areas of life.
  • Provisional- never ending search for truth.
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Friendships – important across the life span. As you grow older you tend to have more opportunities on meeting new friends because of new life circumstances. 41 more words



Intimacy vs Isolation is Erikson’s sixth developmental stage, which individuals experience during early adulthood. Young adults form healthy friendships and intimate relationship with one another, intimacy will be achieved: if not isolation will be the effect. 131 more words


Physical Development

As much as possible during this stage, I want to have an active lifestyle. It involves doing exercises for atleast 30 minutes daily just to keep me fit and healthy. Exercising also prevents from having a heart disease and diabetes. 12 more words


Brainwashed! How much programming did you absorb?

One of the most common hindsight’s mistakes everyone experiences. High school, at best, is just a tool used by collages for fresh recruits into debt slavery.  427 more words

Trials And Tribulations

Is there really such a thing as "Soul Mates"? 💖

” Soul mates are those one in a million people who have the perfect chemistry;
They know what makes their partner cry and know what makes their partner smile; 628 more words

Early Adulthood

Time 5 Data Collection

Time 5 data collection now is complete! AAP participants originally were surveyed annually through their high school years. We just finished collecting follow up survey data now that the participants are in early adulthood. 7 more words