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Making My Heart Smile

These two make me so happy! Watching our rescue horse Ariel, and my daughter grow together, is one of the most precious things in my life right now. 23 more words

Empowering Inspiration


We are back to term 3 after a rather long holiday and the school has had a revamp and paint… It’s been a great time to de-clutter and find old treasures! 55 more words


Little Stranger in a Strange Land: Easing the Transition to Kindergarten

By Allison Wedell Schumacher

You know by now that the little strangers we’ve been entrusted with don’t come with operating manuals. This is why I found myself holding my sobbing, brand-new kindergartner as I explained to her that yes, she did have to go back to kindergarten the next day and for five days a week for the next nine months, and no, she couldn’t go back to preschool. 660 more words


Baking With Preschoolers

The pre-school age is the very time in life when children want to do.

If this urge is suppressed and children are forced to be quiet and sit still and listen, this drive is quenched. 76 more words

British Values! Must we hide our heads in shame?

We have the tools to teach emotional literacy and decent humanitarian values.

Britain, in the whole ugly referendum debate has shown itself to be a very divided nation; divided by class, gender, race and age. 629 more words

Early Childhood Development

What the world needs now

This week at the Carrot Ranch Charli Mills is talking about needs. She questions why necessities sometimes feel like luxuries and why basic necessities, such as drinking water and access to a bathroom, incur a fee. 682 more words


Curiosity Is Essential to Children’s Learning (And It Didn’t Kill the Cat!)

By Allison Wedell Schumacher

My daughter didn’t go through the terrible twos. She went through what her dad and I referred to as the thespian threes. 846 more words