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Marble Madness

A few weeks ago I got out a large basket of “pop tubes” and a small container of marbles.  The children started making intricate connections of tubes and circles to put the marbles in and out and through.   319 more words

Reggio Emilia Inspired

Nancy Carlsson-Paige on Testing and Play

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, professor emerita at Lesley College and eminent defender of childhood, recently was honored with the Deborah Meier award by Fairtest. She is a founding member of Defending the Early Years, which commissions research about early childhood education and advocates for sane, kind, loving policies for young children. 1,623 more words

Standardized Testing

Mayoritas PAUD Belum Terakreditasi

Kompas, halaman 11, Sabtu, 21 November

Untuk menjamin kualitas pendidikan anak usia dini (PAUD), setiap lembaga seharusnya terakreditasi. Namun, dari total 190.161 lembaga PAUD yang sudah terakreditasi, dengan mayoritasnya taman kanak-kanak (TK), yakni 31.475 lembaga. 211 more words


Majority of PAUD Not Yet Accredited

Kompas, page 11, Saturday, November 21

To guarantee the quality of early childhood education  (PAUD), every institution should be accredited. However, out of a total of 190,161 PAUD institutions already accredited, the majority are kindergartens (TK), i.e.: 31,475 institutions. 247 more words


Calistung Sejak Dini Rusak Tatanan Otak Anak

Republika, halaman 5

Orang tua yang ingin mengajarkan anaknya baca, tulis dan berhitung (calistung) sejak dini sebaiknya harus berpikir ulang karena ternyata, menurut para ahli, hal itu dapat merusak tatanan otak anak. 128 more words


Calistung at Early Ages May Do Harm to Children’s Brain

Republika, page 5

Parents who want to teach reading, writing and counting (calistung) to their children at early ages of the children must rethink since it, according to experts, can do harm to children’s brain order. 142 more words


After my preschool class started to show an interest in birds, I decided to pick up on that interest and see where it would take us.  

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