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An Alphabet Poem: J.U.N.I.P.E.R

J stands for Jean and Jasmine who have personalities that sometimes come off as the total opposite of each other. Jean is outwardly playful while Jasmine sometimes covers her mouth and hides her face every time she laughs. 195 more words


Surviving a Blockbuster Exhibit

If you are in DC right now, the hot ticket to get is the Hirshhorn’s “Infinity Mirrors.” Just go on your favorite social media site and look for #infinitekusama, you’ll see what I mean. 688 more words

Early Childhood Education

The plans are finally in the works!!

The records, and documents are ready. Landlord has approved, and Little Foundations Child Care will be opening the doors for two full time children between the ages of 2-12 years old come November 1st! 59 more words


What's The Rush

I’ve been on the sidelines of chats lately, but still checking in on what’s being questioned, wondered and said. So many supportive educators sharing their thoughts and ideas to  advocate what’s best for their students. 915 more words

Investing in the First Three Years of Life Can Greatly Impact School Success

Research has proven that high-quality early childhood programs – particularly those targeted to children at risk for poor outcomes – can provide a considerable return on investment in terms of economic gains and educational outcomes. 718 more words