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Buddy Activity

The Lions partnered up with the 4th grade for some Valentine’s Day fun! The Lions engaged in rich conversations with their buddies- an indicator of… 36 more words

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

How folk tales are giving children in conflict-ridden regions fresh windows on the world


Using Shah’s and Palwasha Bazger Salam’s titles, the ISHK established the projects Books for Afghanistan and Books for Pakistan. These have provided more than 4.5 million bilingual publications to children, including English-Urdu, Urdu-Pashto, Urdu-Sindhi, Urdu-Baluchi and Dari-Pashto editions of Hoopoe’s titles, along with teaching guides for schools, orphanages and libraries. 276 more words


Slow and Steady... free eBook!

As my daughter grows (she’s now 22 months old… almost 2, wow!!) I have found it challenging to find non-screen activities to keep her occupied and engaged, especially in the winter months when our preference is to stay inside where it’s warm and dry. 583 more words


Keepin' Things Loose

Kids will play with anything.  Literally, ANYTHING. Early learning professionals frequently cite a long list of benefits that playing with loose parts bestows on developing humans: creativity, dexterity, problem-solving, socialization and teamwork, to name a few.  615 more words


Our Trip to the Post Office!

We had a wonderful walking field trip to the post office last Tuesday!  The snow had finally melted, and the temperatures were warm enough to walk all the way into town with this adorable crew! 277 more words

When Do Children Start Dreaming?

We all know that children DREAM BIG… but when does nighttime sleep translate into vivid, meaningful, or even frightening dreams?

Studies indicate that for the first 2-3 years of life, young children are likely dreamless. 235 more words

Early Childhood Education

Why does Kelly Fajardo keep voting against kids??

Republicans in New Mexico’s House of Representatives claim to put kids first but their actions show differently.

Take Rep. Kelly Fajardo for example. Already during this legislative session she’s joined her fellow Republicans on multiple party-line votes against New Mexico’s schoolchildren. 467 more words