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Reading for Racial Justice

During the 2017-2018 school year, educators, including mentor teachers and graduate students, and families, are participating in a research group examining the goals of Anti-Bias Education. 564 more words

Teacher Education

Being a Teacher: How Are We Guiding Student Thinking?

What is curriculum? When asked this question in class, the first idea that came to mind was ‘a book that tells us how to teach’. The Ontario Ministry of Education produces “curriculum” documents to serve as a guide and help to point educators in the direction of a goal for the students. 558 more words

Early Childhood Education

Did you even read the syllabus. . . ?

I have finally figured out the key to success in college: don’t memorize the material for the class, use that brain space to memorize the syllabus instead. 241 more words

And The Story Goes On . . .

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse!

Trying to decide which homeschooling philosophy, method, and style to choose is NOT the first order of business! Before you fall down that rabbit hole, you need to sit down and answer a few critical questions first! 146 more words

Alternative Education

Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challeges-Divorce  “Big Feelings” Video:

Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challeges-Divorce  “Big Feelings” Video:

One Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) that children struggle with is divorce within their home. Sesame Street has come out with a great video to help young children deal with the “big feelings” they may feel as they live through their parents’ divorce.

An Inquiry Stance: Being-in Question & Putting-in Question

The chapters on paper and charcoal share a theme of the unknown. In each chapter children are given the respective object and are allowed to explore or encounter it. 491 more words

Early Childhood Education

Please Don't Ask Children to Listen

“Listening” is a very special word to me. When I think about “listening,” I think about being transported by music, by the soft crash of ocean waves, by leaves rustling in the wind. 420 more words

Early Childhood Education