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Weird things Montessori toddlers do

Fight and/or feel disappointed over things that “regular” people would never in their wildest dreams become upset about.  

Liiiiiike…  who gets to do the chores such as mopping, washing dishes, sweeping, or watering the plants. 137 more words

Full Circle

I love connections, I love to find the flow in things. I’m looking at my almost six-year-old and wow, I think in some interesting way I’ve come full circle. 594 more words

Cleaning Fun

A few months ago, I posted about how we’ve been focusing on the life skill of cleaning recently. It’s been a summer of slowing down, back to the basics, working together. 100 more words


Music Education for 0-5s in Canadian settings

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A new study on the early childhood music landscape looks at the Canadian experience of music education before children begin school. Using a questionnaire, Bolduc and Evrard identified three categories of early childhood educator: those with little musical knowledge, those with good musical knowledge, and those with in-depth musical knowledge. 455 more words

Music Education

When The World is Full of a friends: Review 

Title: When the World is Full of Friends
Author: Gillian Shields
Illustrator: Anna Currey
Publisher: Bloomsbury
RRP: $14.99 (AUD)

A family of rabbits, Albert, Tom, Flossie and Pipkin, live and play together on the river bank. 154 more words

Early Childhood

night time fears

Limerick has been having significant difficulties falling asleep, at nap time and at bed time, even when he is obviously exhausted (bags under his eyes, defiant and emotionally-driven behavior, constant yawns, lack of appetite and a desire for milk, etc.). 438 more words

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Future of early years music in the UK?

MEC strategy

I've started getting involved with the Music Education Council in England, and they are doing a fantastic load of work! Making connections with all the organisations that represent music teachers and providers, they are actively working on developing the profile of music in government. 1,214 more words

Music Education