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The Memorization Debate

A question often heard in children’s ministry circles is: Should children be memorizing verses when they don’t understand the words?

Hmm …

First of all, we know most kids memorize fairly easily.  1,197 more words

Book Review - Jonah

Two books about Jonah to review today – a simplistic one with colorful pictures that correctly relates Jonah’s story in poetry, and one that goes a little deeper into the account. 449 more words

God's Outlaw (Book Review)

(Teaching our kids the hard things is important to the understanding of their faith. Stories such as this one which explain what men and women experienced because of their faith can impact a child’s life.) 271 more words

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Counting Sheep

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Ken and I often spoke to third-sixth graders at a camp in Montana. The camp was nestled between two mountains (actually Rocky Mountain foothills) and along the Boulder River – to get there, you drove an hour out of town. 608 more words

Pizza and Paint

One way kids learn about Scripture is by expressing the meaning of a verse through art. Thanks to Tina Houser, (who goes by the title Silly Grandma :)) for giving me permission to replicate her post on their church’s (Shorewood Church of God, Shorewood, Illinois) Pizza and Paint Party. 189 more words


Walk a Cubit or Two (Activity)

Here’s a fun activity that is also a great learning experience for kids (and for adults).

We know that Noah’s Ark is big and has little to do with the cartoon-like pictures¬† that have the giraffe sticking his neck out the window. 182 more words


The Very Best Book (Book Review)

In 1947 Mohammed, a shepherd boy, was searching for his lost goat near Israel’s Dead Sea. He scampered over rocky terrain and and then stopped when he saw a cave in the rocks. 306 more words

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