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An interview for "Medieval Herald"

Here’s the transcript for an interview I recently gave for Boydell and Brewer’s Medieval Herald XXII (2015, the original is published here)

Can you tell us about your career in archaeology to date and what lead you to focus on the early middle ages? 1,397 more words


Painting the past in 19th-century Norway

The 5th and 6th centuries AD have quite different meanings around present-day Europe.  The fact that we have multiple names for the period is telling.  In the Mediterranean East, for instance, this is the Byzantine era.   1,611 more words


Pondering regionality

I have recently been pondering the definition of regions, in the sense of carving England (or any country) up into contiguous zones of particular archaeological character. 1,413 more words


A confused person's guide to Trench 1

We thought it might be helpful, for regular users of the blog, to put up annotated photographs of our two trenches, as I am sure at times it is difficult to imagine just where the individual buildings and features lie. 409 more words


Vikings Season 2: Floki Digs Up Dad!

Grave Robbing in Viking Age Scandinavia

There is widespread archaeological evidence – matching later medieval saga literature which contains stylised portrays of such practices – of Viking Age grave re-opening in Scandinavia. 1,758 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Some wet day speculation, or how to read a little too much into some burning

It’s probably only fair to start this blog with a warning that in places it contains more than a little speculation! Hopefully I will make the areas where I am reaching a little, apparent in the text. 573 more words

Bamburgh Castle

Wheatley Hill Finger-Ring

In 1993 whilst digging trenches for a house on Wheatley Hill, Durham, a silver alloy ring was uncovered. Dating to the 8th century AD, the ring is a band of silver with remnants of a gilded surface. 736 more words