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 No horse for you, my bonnie lad, 
 No sword dies to your name. 
 I stood beneath the stars all night 
 And watched the hungry flames. 
 And you will feed the ravens, love. 554 more words

Roundhouse Update

Thanks to our successful (and ongoing) fundraiser we were able to undertake an extra week of excavation to explore the newly discovered roundhouse. Our additional dig time was a busy few days but did prove very productive. 480 more words

Bamburgh Castle

Back to work and making progress

We are back on site for an additional week with the intension of further investigating the roundhouse. The one area we can realistically hope to further expose more of this structure is to the south of Trench 3, where it extends into an area that Hope-Taylor excavated in the 1970s. 145 more words

Bamburgh Castle

[Netflix] Norsemen – a Norwegian Viking comedy

From 793 AD onwards, the Vikings played a significant role in England’s history. First they came as raiders, then as settlers. By 886 AD they controlled a vast area of northern and eastern England, later known as the Danelaw. 267 more words

Early Medieval

Cremation in the Early Middle Ages - A Project in the Making

Before the 19th century re-emergence of modern indoor cremation, burning the dead was widely practiced across NW Europe, Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland in the Early Middle Ages (c. 805 more words

Early Medieval Archaeology

Did the Pagans Kill the Saints to Save Their Community?

How could two Northumbrian priests be considered such a threat that a pagan mob would murder them?

The seventh century martyrdom of Saints Ewald the Fair and Ewald the Black in Saxony leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but their story could have been in Charlemagne’s mind as he started a series of wars against pagan Saxon tribes almost 80 years later, and those wars would result in the obliteration of the Continental Saxons’ religion. 667 more words

Medieval History

How the Anglo-Saxons thought

The Anglo-Saxons lived over a thousand years ago. It is impossible to know exactly how they thought but thanks to historians we can see a partially complete picture. 582 more words

Early Medieval