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A Migration Age Anglo-Saxon Leper

Paleomicrobiology and isotopic analysis has the ability to completely change what we know of past infectious diseases. A study published this month on a fifth century Anglo-Saxon skeleton is one of the most complete I have read. 660 more words


Seriously, Which Century? A review on Northmen: A Viking Saga

Now, Kiera is our resident Norse specialist, however who doesn’t love an occasional Viking? Especially when they cross the sea to raid my beloved Anglo-Saxon monastic houses.  1,038 more words

Hedeby Leatherwork

Nothing original this time, I just found Willy Groenman van Waateringe’s Die Lederfunde Von Haithabu (Leather Finds from Hedeby) (1984) online and thought you might be interested… 12 more words

Accessories And Personal Items

Medieval Magic and the Lord of Light

The Song of Ice and Fire created by George R.R. Martin, produced a greater interest in medievalism by enacting historical memory of events and people within the… 2,463 more words

Medieval History

Onuist: a turbulent timeline

728 Mearns man Onuist son of Vurguist defeats Elphin, king of the southern Picts, at the hill of Moncrieffe (Monid Chroib) near Perth. Elphin regroups at… 951 more words

Dark Ages

Feminism and Misogyny in George R.R. Martin's 'The Princess and the Queen, or, The Blacks and the Greens'

Written By: Robin Daprato


Through exploring George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and more specifically his novella, The Princess and the Queen: The Blacks and the Greens… 4,211 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

The Iron Islands and the Viking Age: Gods, Wives, and Reavers

With their longships and pillaging, the inhabitants of the Iron Islands are clearly intended to evoke the Scandinavian peoples of the Viking Age (c.800-c.1100).1… 4,629 more words

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