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Stick Vikings!

I’m in the process of co-authoring a book chapter with a true expert in early medieval history and archaeology whose research has focused on the conversion of Scandinavia and Viking Age assembly places and practices: … 626 more words

Early Medieval Archaeology

CBA North's joint April Conference: Archaeology and the small finds of North-East England

CBA North News
We are delighted to announce the first of the ‘big’ conferences in CBA North region to you as Archaeology and the small finds of North-East England… 436 more words

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On the recent 'elongated' Bavarian skulls and their supposed Balkan origin

Strange, elongated skulls reveal medieval Bulgarian brides were traded for politics’ reads a Sciencemag.org headline. More conservative, National Geographic captions the same news as: ‘Pointy Skulls Belonged to ‘Foreign’ Brides, Ancient DNA Suggests’. 1,786 more words


Flying Interlace - Ronaldsway's Airport Window

Airports are packed full of aspirational public art attempting to link aviation to the human spirit and human past.

Many celebrate history and art, and attempt to route the technology and history of commercial airlines to deeper stories of nationhood and identity. 303 more words

Early Medieval Archaeology

The archaeology Field School is filling up

We are very happy to say that although booking has only been open for a few weeks, we are already more than 50% booked. There is still plenty of space left but some weeks are beginning to look quite full, so if you are thinking of joining us this summer then do drop us a line soon if you are not flexible in the weeks that you can join us. 252 more words


Medieval and Anglo-Saxon Metalworking at Bamburgh Castle: the results of the Trench 8 assessment and conservation

As part of the BRP’s ongoing post-excavation analysis of Trench 8 in the West Ward of the Castle (click here for a full description of the research project funded by the… 603 more words

Bamburgh Castle

Early Medieval Irish Bells

Today when one thinks of church bells the image of a tower and belfry with a massive bell or bells being rung by a humpbacked man. 1,727 more words