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So I just started back on anxiety and depression meds, the generic of Zoloft to be specific, because #theworldisashitshow…. So anyway, it has taken a bit longer to adjust this time around because a. 842 more words

I’m an only child and although I like to think that I mix well with others (I’m no social butterfly but can just about cope at a party) in all other ways I live up to the stereotype… a spoilt rotten daddies girl who has been known to sulk (and throw stuff) on occasion when things don’t go my way. 1,448 more words

Breast Cancer

11 Practical Ways I Embraced Early Menopause

I was born in 1970, but on most days, I still feel 18. In fact, I feel better than I did in my 20’s when I suffered from arthritis, cold sores, shingles, and hypoglycemia. 982 more words


25-31 July....


Went to see the doctor. Facing difficult choices to try to restart ovulation:

i) Take HRT and see if there is a “rebound effect” 200 more words

18-24 July.....

Busy week again (post updated a bit late, oops!)

Herbal medicine:

Mon 18th: so went to visit Middlesex Uni’s department for herbal medicine to see what they suggested in terms of health and the options I am facing. 211 more words

40 year old with early menopause symptoms gets regular cycle back

She didn’t even come to me with her menopause symptoms, she came for a completely different complaint. Not having had a proper flow in a long time, she did not expect much from treatment, but after a few months she got her regular menstrual cycle back!

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3-8th July

Job hunting:

So been an interesting week… chasing job agents, leads more leads, but nothing yet to materialise.

Politics: chaos in both the main parties, with a Conservative leadership challenge and Labour shadow cabinet team resigning. 651 more words