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First Steps to being a Mum

Well, I have anticipated this journey for 15 years. 15 years I have mapped out everything, pre planned, tried to get everything perfect and doing wayyyyyy too much research in to infertility for toooo many years! 488 more words

Early Menopause


The MRCW we honor your unique experience and your unique challenges. There is no one else in the world quite like you and no one will experience Menopause quite like you will because your, Genetic, Symptomatic and Hormonal profile is specific to you

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How I really feel...

My weight started to go up and down again, I would loose loads then gain loads, I was pretty much all or nothing but whatever size I was, to me I was always fat and too fat to do my job as a fitness professional. 759 more words

Early Menopause

Coventry Centre for Reproductive Medicine

So after University and working as a children’s entertainer and dancer, I started working in the fitness industry and moved in with my Boyfriend, Chris in Nuneaton. 126 more words

Early Menopause

Birmingham Woman's Hospital

As I had started eating a healthy amount, I was off to the University of Wolverhampton so changed hospitals.

They referred me to the Birmingham Woman’s Hospital and I finally thought, horray! 199 more words

Early Menopause

What happened next...

So, as mentioned in my last post, aged 12 I was put on HRT and received no support, apart from that of my family from the Hospital/Doctors. 649 more words

Early Menopause

Hello world!

Hi, I am Amanda, and as far a I know, I am the youngest sufferer of the Early Menopause or its more common names Premature Ovarian Failure/Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. 752 more words

Early Menopause