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Head up gorgeous: Figure it out !

Remember the farmer,tiger, grass and goat puzzle? Some puzzles are timeless.They are not forgotten, they are just passed on and cherished endless by many generation. The boat that can carry only two things at a time, the confused farmer and more confused us in our childhood how n whom to carry first so that grass and goat are saved ,was enjoyable.

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Driving home for Christmas

Work is done for Christmas, woo!

The week before Christmas always frazzles my brain, so much to remember and do, and I’ve stupidly decided to do my Christmas shop tomorrow at 6am(ouch). 335 more words

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Diary of a menopausal bitch aged 31

Yep, very young for the menopause, I hear you.

My lady parts were shot to shit before I had the little monster two years ago, I mean my tummy lady parts and not the foo region. 257 more words

Woman Troubles: A Tale Of Two Ovaries...

Menopause in your 30s

You don’t expect to go through the menopause in your 30s. No, you expect to have at least a decade or so before you even need to think about it. 780 more words


'She' left 'her',when she was more of a girl than granny!

An email from a 29 yrs old lady to me , “Dear doctor , i  didn’t get my periods from last 13 months . Is it a menopause?” 565 more words

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Self Compassion

So, I recently found this wonderful support group on Facebook (The Dovecote Community) based out of the U.K. with so many women who face infertility for many different reasons. 881 more words

Ovarian Failure

Hot Flash

So I just started back on anxiety and depression meds, the generic of Zoloft to be specific, because #theworldisashitshow…. So anyway, it has taken a bit longer to adjust this time around because a. 842 more words