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Are You Too Young For The Menopause?

NO, is quite simply the answer here but can it be missed by the professionals and of course yourself? If you have a full hysterectomy then it’s inevitable that you will hit the menopause but what if you’re 29 and start to show the signs of being peri-menopausal? 1,132 more words

A Day In The Life....

How Infertility Really Feels...

It sucks. Full Stop.

Not really, well it does but I will dive in a little deeper in this video.

This is a little mushy, but that is what is it supposed to be. 129 more words

Egg Donation

Life Admin - The struggle of dealing with inner turmoil.

Where do I start? That’s the question to everything when thrown into the unknown isn’t it?  I guess I’ll start at the part where my life and perspective of the future keeps changing. 1,637 more words


Two years has passed...

So it has been a mere two years since my last post and my life and world has COMPLETELY changed.

So where did we leave it…. 525 more words

Egg Donation

Ringing the bell

There’s a bell fixed to the wall of the radiotherapy reception, in front of a painted rainbow. It’s for patients to ring when they finish their last radiotherapy treatment; mine is tomorrow. 269 more words

If you are 40 and you know it - Get a Diagnosis

I guess any year can be a mile marker year, but we tend to celebrate in 10s.

2016, gainfully employed, a boyfriend, property in a pretty ridiculous market, and … my health? 671 more words

Wilson's Disease

Menopause Before 40!

So I have recently let my OCD get the better of me and used Dr. Google to diagnose myself with early Menopause.

This is something my shrink strongly objects to. 605 more words