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Two Weeks In

Well, after ten days of having cramps as though I were going to get my period, it finally came. Like the nurse warned me, it was on the intense side. 758 more words

Eleven Days In

Today is eleven days into my Lupron injection. I went and saw my psychiatrist today for the first time in a few weeks. Knowing what has been going on, the topic of today’s visit was pretty exclusively about how the injection is treating me. 442 more words

Week One

The weekend after my injection, I fully expected that my butt was going to be sore. I’ve had enough flu shots and vaccines in my shoulder to know how awful that feels the next day. 541 more words

Injection Day

Three weeks after I met with Dr. Tessler, my Lupron injection was finally delivered to the doctor’s office.

I went in on a Friday afternoon, half an hour before the office closed. 410 more words

Meeting Dr. Tessler!

As a gynecologist, I’ve found that there’s no better feeling than when I know I’ve improved someone’s life through medicine. I love when a patient returns to the office after a visit or surgery and tells me she’s feeling so much better or that I’ve helped to fix a problem.

529 more words

The Backstory.

I apologize in advance, this is kind of a long winded explanation that brings me to where I am now. My pelvic pain story spans many years, with varying levels of discomfort. 1,300 more words

Swan reveal

Pretty beautiful hey? It was Y’s choice and its just so like him to choose something so unexpected. He adores it and that is what matters.   945 more words

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