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The Wide Range of Skills Related to Taking Charge of Your Learning

Several “key concepts” address Academic and Affective Domains of Learning.  Here’s a conceptual framework from Social Emotional Learning

Core SEL Competencies


SEL has developed a set of 5 core competences.  349 more words

Learning To Read Requires both Academic and Learning to Learn Skills

I have been busy posting on my TALK and Want to Learn Blogs about the Learning to Learn Skills–Executive Function and Self-Regulation.  I will begin linking some of those posts here..as soon as possible… 12 more words

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story - And Other Books to Teach Perseverance

I love it when a library book is great. I don’t mean a library book you put on hold because you knew you wanted to read it, or one you set out to find, or even one you picked because you know the author is great. 1,615 more words

4 Tips to Boost Early Reading Skills

Hi all! As you may know by now, I am a high school English teacher. However, as a Secondary English Education major in college, I was never actually taught  460 more words

Reading with Expression: And the PERFECT books to help you do so!

If you missed the post all about this 4 part series, click here to see what I’m up to.

If not, welcome to my first easy tip to help boost early reading skills: Reading with Expression! 1,530 more words

A New Series on Struggling Readers and Learning to Read

This series will be posted on my TALK blog (http://frantoomeytalk.blogspot.com/)where the emphasis is on early reading (K-3) and understanding why so many children have difficulty learning to read.  46 more words

Early Reading Skills