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Creepy audio from the 19th century

This 1860 phonautogram by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville is the first known sound recording with a human voice.

Sounds a little scary. But when he recorded his phonautograms, he didn’t expect that once they would be played back, because the phonograph was only invented in 1877, by… 67 more words


Mystery Object of the week #12 Answer

Congratulations to Rob de Bie, Rolf Christian Holth Olsen and David James who correctly identified this weeks mystery object –  Mae Starr by Universal Talking Toys Company – U.S.A, 1930. 228 more words

Mystery Object of the week #11 Answer

Congratulations to Martyn Dowel, Rolf Christian Holth Olsen and Robert Spencer who all correctly identified this weeks mystery object  – The Auxetophone designed by the British engineer Sir Charles Parsons.    286 more words

Mystery Object of the week #10 Answer

Congratulations to Rolf Christian Holth Olsen who correctly identify this weeks mystery object – The Lioretograph Model 2 phonogragh – created by the Parisian watchmaker Henri Lioret in 1898. 160 more words

Waxahatchee - "Early Recordings" Review

WAXAHATCHEE – Early Recordings (Merge EP): Record labels release ephemera like throwaway EPs stuffed with poor quality demos of living artists as though they were bequeathing gifts to a larger audience that missed the recording-in-question’s original run, though usually such releases are little more than easy-to-swallow in-between-album snacks meant to fill you for a moment of no new material until the next meal. 401 more words


Waxahatchee Releases "Early Recordings"

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield and co. have been busy on the road in support of their 2015 record “Ivy Tripp.”

After announcing a few P.S. Eliot reunion shows, Crutchfield is reissuing her older material in “Early Recordings” which feature tracks recorded during the “American Weekend” era. 83 more words

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