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A visit to Tirana, Albania, 27 years after the fall of communism

As a retired budget traveler, I have noticed something after three continents, a dozen countries and a hundred cities: places without American fast-food chains and brands advertised at every turn make me feel more like a traveler to foreign lands. 1,434 more words

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Early Retirement - Starting to freak out

I think I’m starting to freak out.

My new early-retired life is only 3.5 months away.  I think having second thoughts or butterflies is natural in these situations.  780 more words


Early Retirement: Year Four Milepost

“Oh, God. Not another of these posts from him.”

“Yeah, ‘fraid so.”

“Sneak away for a beer?”

” <expletive deleted> yeah! I’m outta here…”

My apologies ahead of time to those who come here solely for the inanity and preposterous-laden content; I do promise a return to absurd ramblings soon. 1,292 more words

Early Retirement

The public just don't get it

I read through an article on the daily mail website about the Escape Artist and the tone and comments really opened my eyes. 1,312 more words


Introducing 'Travel Therapy Mentor' and the Future Plans for 'Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist'

Written by Jared, September 17, 2018

Background on Our New Venture

I’ve been torn about which direction to take this site for a long time now. 821 more words

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A bus ride from Montenegro to a hopeful Albania

The bus was old. It creaked somewhere from underneath as it moved on mountain roads. It had no curtains to block the blazing mid-September sun. The seat cushions were old and dingy. 742 more words

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Finding Fulfilment in Early Retirement

Confession time: I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. I lose a week of my life every time a new series is available, binge-watching the entire thing start to finish. 1,092 more words

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