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Top 3 Reasons Why I Wake Up Early At 5 A.M.

Three Key Benefits of Being an Early Riser

I have never been a morning person. I would always wake up only an hour before leaving my home to get to work. 645 more words


Starbucks at 6:00 am

I’m at my usual Starbucks at 6 am.

I usually come to this location before heading to work. This is usually at around 8:45 or 9am, depending on if i’m running late. 281 more words


Mind Over Mattress

This is a real battle

There’s a war going on inside, no man is safe from.

The internal struggle between waking up painfully early and hitting the snooze button 100 times… 313 more words

Adulting: Early Rising

Since the start of the new year Brian and I have been challenging ourselves to be more…productive ??? I guess would be the way to put it. 847 more words

Random Thoughts


Our dogs are early risers. Even before Duke came into our lives, Bonnie liked to let me know that it was morning and she needed a snack. 646 more words



Another day another dollar
another chance to start again,
all the days just run together
whether I’m working or playing.

Woke this morning, bright and early, 191 more words


Great news: not being a morning person doesn’t mean you’re lazy after all

Confession right up front: I have never been a morning person. Never, ever. I have managed to be reasonably responsible and fairly successful despite this flaw, but there has never been a time when I have not believed that if I had tried harder (or at all) to overcome this shortcoming I would have been a better person. 1,202 more words

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