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This is not fair

The world we live in is one unfair place. It is biased towards one particular class of people and people like us just suck that up and act as if it is not an issue at all. 583 more words

My Life

The long, long (oh so long) days of summer

If you follow my Facebook page, then it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the 2 year olds (Trouble & Not Quite So Much Trouble) have been making the most of the (very) long summer days. 1,024 more words


I think my summer is busier than my school year was. I’ve been doing a lot but I still get to sleep in a little whih is glorious. 161 more words

General Blog-tastic Writings


Think of the absolute worst way to wake up

and times that by 10.

We’re going through it RIGHT NOW.


Our sweet little 3-year-old toddler moved to a big girl bed 3 weeks ago and since then she’s been a permanent alarm clock at 6:30 every morning. 379 more words


Sleeping late or rising early : which is better!

In the first line itself, I intend to make it clear that the early morning hours make up for a totally different state of mind and that is not the point of confusion. 287 more words

'My Morning Routine'

I am writing this as a follow up to Hitch’s post about self-motivation. If you have not already seen it then check it out right here first – https://lalahitch.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/get-up-and-go/ 829 more words


VIDEO: The Early Risers | McDonald's Philippines's Tribute to Filipino Workers

Just sharing McDonald’s short film of the Early Risers – Filipinos who wake up earlier than others to do their job and help others come to work without delays. See the video below: