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The Gro Clock Review...

My kids are a little older than you would probably normally get the Gro Clock for. At 6.5 and 4.5 I left it just a teeny bit late and until I was at the end of my tether with 6am wake ups! 305 more words


It's Just the Sun Rising

South Africans are early risers – the sunrises could be one of the reasons why.  They are most certainly worth getting out of bed for. 141 more words


Early risers who run, ride and swim

This morning while walking the dog I turned the corner and the view down the street was perfectly composed. A rising sun seemed to be following a course through the space between the trees. 1,141 more words


Late Night Creativity

Early risers are often admired for starting the day before many have finished dreaming their way back to reality. Working mothers prepare breakfast, pack lunches and dress for success by the time the first subway train heads downtown. 292 more words


Early bird or Night Owl?

With certain things in our lives there are no ambiguities. In one of my earlier blogs, I had written about Coffee vs. Tea. Most people are either coffee drinkers or tea drinkers. 290 more words

Everyday Moments

This is not fair

The world we live in is one unfair place. It is biased towards one particular class of people and people like us just suck that up and act as if it is not an issue at all. 583 more words

My Life

The long, long (oh so long) days of summer

If you follow my Facebook page, then it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the 2 year olds (Trouble & Not Quite So Much Trouble) have been making the most of the (very) long summer days. 1,024 more words