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My Favorite Holiday Is...

I guess this is just about my favorite holiday of the year. It is really simple for me because the focus is on being thankful. It began with a group of survivors recognizing God’s merciful grace to sustain the very few of them who survived the year in a desolate and unwelcoming place. 280 more words

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Thanksgiving And Freedom

The Mayflower, captained by Christopher Jones and born in Hurwich, England in the late 1500s, was one of the most important ships to ever come to America, bringing settlers from England to the New World where they landed at the Plymouth plantation. 227 more words

Some Amateur Tombstones in Brush Creek Cemetery

DIED 23 DEC. 1811

[The birth date is obscured in the picture. Sorry about that. 272 more words

Early Settlers

Were the First Americans Black?

Fascinating documentary from the BBC. I doubt anything like this would make American TV.

Research in Brazil now suggests that the earliest settlers in America were not the Native Americans who came from Asia, but another group arriving 30,000 years earlier as part of the migration of people(s) from East Africa which settled parts of South Asia now known as Negritos, and Australia as the “Aborigines”.

Black History

Thomas and Jennet McNary Grave, Oak Spring Cemetery

An elevated slab for a Revolutionary War veteran and his wife. The two inscriptions were certainly done by the same craftsman, but from subtle differences in the thicknesses and forms of the letters it looks as though they may have been done at different times, suggesting that Jennet’s was added to Thomas’ already existing stone. 54 more words

Early Settlers

White Family Plot, Oak Spring Cemetery

Oak Spring Cemetery in Canonsburg has a number of slab stones elevated into table-like structures—an arrangement common in some old cemeteries. Obviously the props under these stones are newer than the stones, but they may have replaced older ones that were original. 162 more words

Early Settlers

Jane and James McBurney Tombstones, Robinson Run Cemetery

Instantly recognizable as the work of the Master of the Curly G, these two stones have inscriptions beginning simply “the grave of”—a curious family tradition also observed by… 27 more words

Early Settlers