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An Immigrant Ship

  An Immigrant Ship

I’m working on my genealogy and trying to identify the ancestors who came to America.  They are among the earliest settlers. So far I have Hannah Mead who was born in England in 1580 and came to America in the 1630’s.   29 more words


More Unexpected Discoveries In My Genealogy Research

A grave marker for Elizabeth Tallman Sperry in Broad Street Cemetery in Claremont New Hampshire – a former mill town on the Vermont-New Hampshire border.  Elizabeth Sperry  was my 5X Great Grandmother.    15 more words


East Rockingham

The east Rockingham area was the site of the original town of Rockingham from about 1830. The town derived its name from the ship Rockingham which was blown ashore in May 1830 opposite the present day Governor Road. 306 more words

Early Settlement

Howdy Pilgrim

Today is the anniversary of the Pilgrim’s docking the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock. It happened 395 years ago. 1620 was the year. It wasn’t a very good year. 498 more words

East Rockingham School -an impressive early building

Long before Kwinana was planned, a limestone block school was built in 1865 in what was then known as East Rockingham and which later became Kwinana. 285 more words

Early Settlement

My Favorite Holiday Is...

I guess this is just about my favorite holiday of the year. It is really simple for me because the focus is on being thankful. It began with a group of survivors recognizing God’s merciful grace to sustain the very few of them who survived the year in a desolate and unwelcoming place. 280 more words

Just Wondering

Thanksgiving And Freedom

The Mayflower, captained by Christopher Jones and born in Hurwich, England in the late 1500s, was one of the most important ships to ever come to America, bringing settlers from England to the New World where they landed at the Plymouth plantation. 227 more words