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I found a really good resource for those who are researching early settlers of Kentucky. In this article it shares the location of where it was located and the towns that it traveled through. 716 more words


A loom for making fences...

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Here is a machine to weave wire into a fence from wooden post to post.

Show me where it is!

Geotagging fence makers… 47 more words


Distant Ancestor

Robert Keyes – early immigrant – one of the founders of Watertown Massachusetts

Watertown is adjacent to my hometown of Belmont.

Photo below: Cemetery associated with Robert Keyes


Hidden Gem

Like many notable early settlers Thomas & Andrew Chirnside, the original owners of the estate,  were members of the Acclimatisation Society, an organisation which introduced several European flora and fauna species to the Australian landscape. 115 more words


Billy Caldwell the Man

If you’ve lived on the far Northwest Side of the city, around Cicero and Peterson, you know the name Billy Caldwell.  There’s Billy Caldwell Woods, Billy Caldwell’s Reserve, Billy Caldwell Golf Course, Billy Caldwell Post of the American Legion.  541 more words


Hereditary Order

a list I found on Ancestry.com

As I travelled in southern Connecticut this past week we passed near many town centers = and cemeteries – I wondered if I was treading the ground of some of my ancestors.   39 more words


Exploring My Genealogy

  Angel Gabriel Shipwreck    So far all I have found in my genealogy are ancestors who were born in England and came to New England, not as the original Pilgrims in 1620, but a bit later as part of the Great Migration of immigrants after 1630.   79 more words