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Nancy and Elizabeth Williams Tombstone, Trinity Churchyard

A tombstone for a young mother and her child. Elizabeth died at two months in 1839. Two months later her mother died as well. Did she die of the same disease? 78 more words

Early Settlers

Scientists Identify Long-Lost Remains of Early Virginia Settlers

Scientists used technology to identify the remains of four early residents of Jamestown, Va., the first permanent English settlement in what would become the United States. 330 more words

Andrew M. Russel and Andrew Russel, Sr., Tombstone, Oak Spring Cemetery

A simple rectangular stone is unusual in this era. This stone commemorates two Andrew Russels (note the spelling of the name). The first died in 1808 at six years old. 151 more words

Early Settlers

Jacob, Elizabeth, and Charity Bell Tombstones, Chartiers Hill Cemetery

Three different burials in the same family plot show us three different styles of early-settler tombstones.

Jacob Bell lived the longest of the three: he was buried in 1842. 243 more words

Early Settlers

Margaret, Mary M., and George Allison Tombstone, Chartiers Hill Cemetery

This triple tombstone, the only one of its kind from its era that Father Pitt has ever seen, remembers three Allison children who all died in January of 1836. 28 more words

Early Settlers

Ann Fink Tombstone, Oak Spring Cemetery

Only about half this tombstone is visible above ground—enough to tell us the name and death date (1832), and to show us that the stone itself was a very attractive piece of folk art.

Early Settlers

Margaret Templeton Tombstone, Oak Spring Cemetery

Somehow the stonecutter managed to run out of room twice while cutting the name “Templeton” into this stone for a young wife who died at the age of twenty-eight. 42 more words

Early Settlers