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A Moose on Morning Feed

Working with animals always comes with an element of waking up at the crack o dawn and IPR is no different. Feeding begins before sunrise, actually it finishes before sunrise which means waking up at the crack o 4am which is significantly awful; but it’s all for the monkeys and somehow isn’t quite as bad as if you’re waking up to crouch hopelessly at a desk for eight hours. 1,057 more words

The Late Bloomer

As I finish my supper in silence, I use my left hand to scroll down my Facebook page to catch up with the outside world. Some of the memes, jokes, gifs, videos and statuses seem to be the only entertainment I look forward to, after a whole day of monotonous chores. 1,045 more words


Taylor Street Barista @ Canary Wharf

The Place

In a city that’s dominated by three big commercial coffee joints, it’s actually relatively hard to find an artisan coffee house.  It’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across Taylor Street Barista; the closest thing to an Aussie cafe that I’d found in London (although I did find some others that fit the bill). 452 more words


CNN New York studio sees facelift

CNN’s main New York bureau studio saw a facelift this week. Studio 58, which is in the New York City’s newsroom, and serves as the home to Early Start, CNN Newsroom, as well as At This Hour, was given a larger anchor desk. 34 more words


From Preschool to Piano

Although 2-year-olds are young to take formal piano lessons, they are definitely not too young to become familiar with music.

Melody and rhythm can be introduced to toddlers and the sooner the better.

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Therapy, Day 91-96

Juju hasn’t had too many tantrums this week during therapy, but he has been a bit bored. I got him a new toy to play with during therapy as a reinforcer and it seemed to get his attention. 188 more words

Week One: 5am Book Club

Last week was the first week of my Countdown to Christmas challenge, where I set myself the task of getting up at 5am each day to read as much of my book as I could before getting up for work. 340 more words

Festive Countdown