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From night owl to early bird. Could I do it?

I have never been a morning person.

My mornings usually go like this: snooze, snooze and then snooze some more. Thinking of what to wear while still in bed, deciding whether or not I can go without washing my hair as this means an extra 30 minutes of laziness… 851 more words


The Wonderful World of Ponchos

See my earlybird offer on my own take on a poncho.

Neither a jumper nor a coat, I have decided that the Poncho is the perfect garment to kick off the new autumn season. 321 more words

Love Summer 2018 - Super Earlybird Tickets

2018 Super Earlybird Tickets  – Now Available

(Please Read the Terms and Conditions at the end of the page before booking.)

August 10-12th 2018

Site Address – Newnham Park, Plympton, Devon, PL7 5BN… 811 more words

Mildly Moist and a Little Bit Nobby

On Thursdays I am sometimes late. And I really hate it.

It's not my fault, honest. Bastard traffic between Port Talbot and Cardiff has me drumming on my steering wheel like an agitated woodpecker as the minutes inch closer to 6pm. 514 more words

Fight like a Herbivore


Hey. I'm early for boxing class today. So I thought I'd do what all veggies/vegans/gluten avoiders/clean eaters eventually do and tell you about my diet. 433 more words

Rocking up early since '92

Hi. I’m Sarah and I am early for almost everything I do.

Boxing class? 15 mins early minimum. Dinner at a friends? 10 mins at the very least. 311 more words

Cuppa Tea AM Prosecco PM

Cuppa Tea AM Prosecco PM.

Early bird beats the worm & a lazy cosy morning.

Avocado on toast & a bag of chocolate buttons.

Running errands from the ‘to do’ list & binging on Netflix. 193 more words