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Recycled fur - the point is not to waste a single bit of it

It starts with a vintage fur coat that I make pillow covers from. Then with what’s left, I make teddy bears. With what’s left, i make… 108 more words

Recycled Fur

They do wear earmuffs in Florida

My awesome customer in St. Petersburg ordered my Plush Jumbo Erin Green Faux Fur Earmuffs and wrote,

Hi there! I just got these from you and I loooooove them!

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Elle Vintage

On this Day in History

On this Day in History in 1887: Chester Greenwood of Maine patents earmuffs.


Looking at her hands, Desiree thought she could cry.

In them, there were the remains of her sanity, her only means of staying comfortable. Two large, round, fluffy pieces, formerly connected by a piece of plastic. 195 more words

Short Story

Keep clean with these bullshit protectors.

Sick of bullshit?  Sick of having to subject your poor ears to Mitch McConnell’s excrement-guzzling drawl?

Then you need these (as do I) Republican Bullshit Protectors.  Get them here.


Cold-Weather Couture

Form and function don’t always marry well when it comes to cold weather outerwear.  Boottique is headquartered in Minnesota, so when I’m talking about cold weather, I’m talking polar vortex, sub-zero, tundra-like cold weather.   165 more words