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6 types of content people in your organzation will share

Having your employees onboard in the content sharing strategy is key to success. This success is built upon the following framework:

  • You need to tell them how important they are for your company in your content marketing strategy,
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Owned, Earned & Paid Media

What is Owned, Earned & Paid Media

  • Owned media sites are an extension of your brand and create additional avenues for people to interact with your brand.
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Social Media Organizational Structure: the Employee Advocate

In a world where social media has really taken over industries and communications, a lot of organizations are still trying to understand the best organizational structure for their social media. 558 more words

Social Media

The Importance of PR Strategies for Current Communications and Youth Oasis

The following blog post was written by Sandra Castillo, strategy director for Current Communications.

Previously our research director Abby Thevenot discussed the importance of research and how Current Communications found the key publics for Youth Oasis. 444 more words

Chasing Down a Cure: Meredith's Week 16 Chicago Update

Welcome to my weekly marathon and fundraising update.  We are at T-minus 13 days and counting.

I am now tapering to store energy for the big day. 238 more words

The PESO Model - What It Is and Why It’s Important to PR

The public relations industry is racing against a rapid pace of change; a pace of change so fast, it leaves a thick cloud of misguided perception in its trail. 266 more words

Public Relations

Circulation Versus Influence

Blogs, influence, the village vicar and writing with a gun pointed to you head. 

I love reading blogs. Well, interesting blogs, that is. Whether this one will fall in to that category is in the infancy of debate at present, not least by myself, but as it stands that’s by the by. 484 more words

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