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3 Ways to Develop a Great Brand Story with Earned Media

Earned media may be more difficult to garner, but it can be the most valuable. Earned media establishes trust and credibility – not to mention it can drive leads and sales. 272 more words

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Social Media Listening

What is Social  Media Listening

Are you monitoring what people says about you online? Do you use this customer insight to enhance your business?

‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room’ Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon. 685 more words

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How Do You Find Readers?

So … you’ve written and just indie-published your book and now all you have to do is find fans, right?

Good luck.

You’re probably going to be disappointed in what I say next, because I’m not going to offer a magic way to get a ton more readers. 1,095 more words


President Elect Donald Chump

Donald Trump is known for many things: business endeavors, reality television, winning the presidential election, and of course, his Twitter. For the uninitiated, Twitter is a self proclaimed “online  364 more words

How To Master Influencer Marketing in 2017

Influencers are the new media, therefore using influencers to spread your message is the new digital marketing. I’m not going to give you a listicle of 5 ways to optimize your influencer marketing, nor am I going to give you a bunch of case studies about what works best. 974 more words

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3 Ways Working in PR is like Working for Westworld

Over the weekend I was watching HBO’s Westworld and I noticed something odd. Not odd like the insanely intricate plot, the number of easter eggs that would put your local park district to shame, or anything that hinted at what crazy twist or turn the show will take next. 917 more words

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The Top 5 Traits of Next Generation PR Agencies

It’s no secret that as the PR and communications function has had to evolve to adopt advanced marketing tactics for holistic outreach and promotion – so too has the agency field. 535 more words

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