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Sacred Land Trinity 

Scottish Highlands

Snowdonia, Wales

Connemara, Ireland

I worked with a bereaved client at the beginning of my psychotherapy training called Margaret. She was 83 years old and what a force of nature she was. 283 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

Knowing the Live Oaks: Finding the Balance Between Historicity and Inspiration in Neopaganism and Goddess Spirituality by Christy Croft

Last fall, my family took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I grew up. As a child, one of my favorite places to visit was Brookgreen Gardens, a wildlife preserve that was once the winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. 1,104 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

Back to yourself. The journey of 2016 so far 

This year many are digging deep into wounds that had lied buried in the unconscious for many years. Some are so deep that when asked our only response is ‘I don’t remember much of my childhood’. 682 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

Revealing the Green Man, by Mark Olly - a review

Ubiquitous British folk symbol found to have deep historical roots that presage the later sacrificial and redemptive aspects of Christianity! Wow! Who knew? Not me! … 846 more words


Review of the Gaian Tarot

A deck that taps into earth consciousness like no other deck, the Gaian Tarot is the much talked about, beloved, and exceptional deck borne from the genius of artist and writer Joanna Powell Colbert. 2,914 more words


Teaching Children to Care

It is a very interesting time that our children are living in. People are always in want of the next newest “thing”.
It is important for us, raising children in an earth-based spirituality, to talk with our children about the importance of caring for others.

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Creative spells in nature - New Moon Cleavers 

Cleavers is a wonderful herb/weed, which contains many properties beneficial to the body. I have also been enjoying its ‘sticky’ texture when working in the garden and on my allotment. 275 more words

Earth-based Spirituality