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Women and the Land

I’ve been thinking lately, and one idea I have dwelt on quite a bit is the connection between women and the land.

Not long ago (and in some places even now) women were seen merely as property, a form of wealth and resources. 930 more words


Since the first frost that killed the last of the summer zinnias, there have been no flowers in my garden. In the fall I seeded snap dragons, chrysanthemums, linaria, and poppies. 290 more words

Universal Spiritualism or Cultural Appropriation?

There’s a lot of talk  in pagan communities (or maybe it’s not enough talk?) about working with deities and practices of cultures that do not belong to you. 809 more words

Days of Darkness

This time of year can be magical – but not in the consumerist, endless holiday music kind of way. Since my awakening to earth-based spirituality, I’ve come to appreciate the magic of the growing darkness, the turn inward, and the reminder to slow down. 931 more words

The Longest Night 2017

Today marks exactly a year since we left our house in town to live in the middle of nowhere with our garden and animals.
I love the long, dark nights of winter, when you can wake up in the middle of the night and feel the quiet emptiness around you, and the soft breath of other beings sleeping. 452 more words

Root Healer

Painting by artist Judith Shaw

Slipping through the forest

padded paws embrace each leaf

a silent plea for concealment

from those who would harm.

I breathe prayers… 460 more words


Season of Change - Transformation by Judith Shaw

Fall is here, the leaves are changing color, the days are shortening and our ongoing natural cycle of change and transformation now moves toward the dark, quiet days of winter. 1,079 more words

Feminism And Religion