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Revealing the Green Man, by Mark Olly - a review

Ubiquitous British folk symbol found to have deep historical roots that presage the later sacrificial and redemptive aspects of Christianity! Wow! Who knew? Not me! … 846 more words


Review of the Gaian Tarot

A deck that taps into earth consciousness like no other deck, the Gaian Tarot is the much talked about, beloved, and exceptional deck borne from the genius of artist and writer Joanna Powell Colbert. 2,914 more words


Teaching Children to Care

It is a very interesting time that our children are living in. People are always in want of the next newest “thing”.
It is important for us, raising children in an earth-based spirituality, to talk with our children about the importance of caring for others.

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Creative spells in nature - New Moon Cleavers 

Cleavers is a wonderful herb/weed, which contains many properties beneficial to the body. I have also been enjoying its ‘sticky’ texture when working in the garden and on my allotment. 275 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

Guilty of Being Human

Looking at the feelings of guilt that can arise when following an Earth-based religion/spirituality, and how to get beyond them towards a life of integration.


Earthly peace of a soul 

When does a soul find its Earthly peace? Powerful… Words from a song went deep through my skin earlier today. One has got to have something in their life that touches them, something beyond personal, something that feels and look like home, a feeling of pure and sacred. 341 more words

Earth-based Spirituality

The Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering is coming!

Hello Everybody!  CUUPS of Fort Myers is hosting the first ever, Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, April 15 through April 17, 2016. 196 more words

Earthways Shamanic Path