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I have this super clear memory of sitting with my family in a pew near the front of the Catholic church in my grandma’s town, attending Christmas Eve mass. 508 more words


Because it is Not Portable

We are moving

A different kind of post today.

Strange as this may be to some, many of my husband’s  and my spiritual practices as pagans ( a catch all term for anyone not practicing one of the three major Abrahamic religions) are tied to the land we live. 399 more words


autumn thoughts.

Dappled ground

of gold and green.

Sunflowers and

late harvest nettles.

Lukewarm beams

of light through

sparse and tired branches.

Feet bare no longer.

Leftover rain glistening… 65 more words

Life & Lifestyle

spruce rising like earthen spires to the watching sky.

my hands, sticky with sweet peach juices. High Bush Cranberry applesauce, simmering on the stove. Hips big and red as cherry tomatoes ripening on the wild rose bush. 410 more words

Life & Lifestyle


i step outside.

the air is hot

and damp

and the biggest flying bug flies into my face –

wake-up girl!

This is all real. 6 more words

The Now

Desert Solitaire: An Uncommonly Beautiful Love Letter to Solitude and the Spiritual Rewards of Getting Lost | Brain Pickings

A reblog from the always wonderful Brain Pickings – a discussion of Edward Abbey’s book on desert wilderness, Desert Solitaire: An Uncommonly Beautiful Love Letter and the Spiritual Rewards of Getting Lost. 18 more words


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A garden can be a place of beauty, wonderment, creativity, life, death, and rebirth.  I have named this blog The Spirit Garden because it will be a platform for me to express my interests in new age and earth-based spiritual practices, spiritual development, the paranormal, witchcraft, crystals, and other topics.    15 more words