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Audubon, Earth Day and Haiti

Thinking about what it means when someone calls a Caribbean nation a “shithole” (sorry for the profanity, but the word is presidential now).

Not long ago, I gave a series of presentations telling ornithologists and bird enthusiasts about the race, gender and nationality of the history of ornithology. 204 more words

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My colleagues at BirdsCaribbean are very special. I just discovered that one of them, Ancilleno Davis, a PhD candidate, scientist, photographer, is blogging! So I thought I would share this short post on the diverse history of Earth Day. Yes Leno, "we are all intricately intertwined" in the Americas. And that's the way we like it!

Positive Green Space

This design is by the firm Draftfcb for Jeep’s earth day promotion. I found it on the internet at http://masokoxchangetz.com/jeep-earth-day/ . The company FCB https://www.fcb.com/ 334 more words

4 Simple Ways You Can Make An Environmental Impact

This year my wife and I are expecting a baby boy. By the time that baby boy is 31 (in 2050) it is estimated that there will be… 808 more words


Thur - 1/10: You are cordially invited to the 50th anniversary of the environmental tragedy that started "Earth Day".

The Center for Biological Diversity would like to cordially invite you to their “big, bold, badass protest” they are organizing on January 28th, the 50th anniversary… 327 more words

Limited Edition Thirsties Valentine Print Cloth Diapers

For the past several years Thirsties has surprised us with a Limited Edition cloth diaper for Valentine’s Day (and they are so much better than flowers and chocolates)!  128 more words


5 Things to Do to Help the Environment

There are always so many ways to help the environment. Where do you start?  Some things seem to take a long time to do, cost so much money, or require a major life shift.  321 more words