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Knot The Plastic - In 5 Simple Steps

Beside so many good use of plastic based products in almost every imaginable way, there is a big big downfall: Plastic is a not environmental friendly. 283 more words

Earth And Beyond

Buying Wind Together

A campaign with the D.C. non-profit, Groundswell, in which congregational households purchase wind power at favorable rates and get off fossil fuel energy for their homes. 14 more words

Environmental Stewardship


“Imagine yourself unbounded, with any opportunity at every turn, and this is what you will create. Set up limitations, and you will find them. Remember, you effortlessly attract the energies that support your version of life. 48 more words

Earth Out My Window

“Hey diddy dee,

A kitty’s in the tree,

Don’t climb high,

You’ll skin your knee.”

Her breath blew into my hair.

“Iym puddle diddy,

Hey diddy dee. 154 more words


You can hate me now.

You can hate me now. You have my permission. I am not an ecofriendly type of person. I recycle when I remember and more to the point of when I have time or ability. 863 more words