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The Long Way Back

She holds it in with a smile on her face

as darkness pulls her down.

Emotions in a jumble

but she knows she must be strong. 99 more words


Why oh Why Big Sky

Why does the sky loom vast and big?¬† The stars stream with light beams so bright, it is —as if I might be illumined right. Ahhh, to witness the morning sun rise across a plane without interruption, is to be immersed in the majesty of His Diety. 692 more words


appreciation day of reckoning

i’m sick of every day and week being recognized as ‘earth day’ or ‘nurse appreciation week’ or some other bullshit. there’s so many of these stupid recognition/appreciation days/weeks now that they’re all meaningless. 297 more words

Celebrate Earth Day Week with Ecovillage Network

An old follower and contributor to Worldless, Andrew Williams Jr, invited me a few weeks ago to an event that he and other members of his community are preparing. 112 more words


Little Things Count

The war had been going on for many years. All over the earth actions had been taken – grave actions, with consequences that went far beyond what the eye could see. 83 more words

Flash Fiction Tarot

The Art of Mandalas

A new craze has been spreading the past few years that combines art and religion in a way that has become popular to many people. Though it started out with a religious purpose in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, Mandalas have spread to people of all religions. 342 more words

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