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A Wager Between Gods

In another universe
God has siblings
A brother and sister
Creating worlds without end.

Our god
Earth god
Looks to Her brother’s
World of peace and harmony… 296 more words


Earth God by Jon Messenger

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  • 994 more words
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Shrines & Temples in Hong Kong

Ubiquitous. The last time I used the word “ubiquitous” was in my recent past, working in the world of digital transformation programmes. It’s probably an inappropriate use of it here, but that is how I think of shrines in Hong Kong. 1,131 more words

Hong Kong

Top Taipei Day Trips: Pilgrimage to the Temple of the Earth God (TuDiGong)

It’s not quite “Journey to the West” but the trek to the top of ZhongHe’s (中和)  HongLuDi NanShan FuDeGong (烘爐地南山福德宮) temple is monumental in its effort, and not for the faint hearted. 670 more words


Hymn to Geb

After getting the book “Circle of Isis” for xmas, I was delighted with the chapter ‘songs for the gods’ as I’m also learning to play electric guitar (possibly a midlife crisis issue??) 160 more words

Egyptian Witchcraft


Geb- Earth God

From the creation myth of ‘Ennead of Heliopolis’

Colour: Green or Black (Green was considered a fertility and rebirth colour, and Geb was mostly depicted in the colour green, black was sometimes associated with him as like Green, Black was considered Fertility and life, from the rich black soils that enriched the crops) 48 more words

Egyptian Witchcraft

A is for Aulë

(Here we go, first PBP post! And I am ridiculously nervous, but let’s do this…)

In my pantheon, Aulë is  one of the Aratar, or Greater Powers. 540 more words