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Aisa Gado In Mythology

Aisa in Greek Mythology

Mother Goddess, who had the surnames Nintu (lady of birth), Mamma and Aruru. The relevant Egyptian earth and fertility god Geb was male… 273 more words

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Aisa Winti Gado in Hinduism

Aisa in Hinduism

Prithvi (Sanskrit) is the Hindu earth and mother goddess. She is the personification of the Earth itself. As Prithvi Tattwa, she is the mother of the Earth, the essence of the element earth. 195 more words

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Wan Aisa Winti Gado - Mother Earth

Mama Aisa – Most High Earth Goddess 

The Winti religion has four pantheons: the earth, water, air and forest (bush – or ‘fire’). The highest Winti is the Gran Gado – God of all Gods – called  547 more words

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The Winti Pantheons

Winti Pantheons

There are four Pantheons or groups of Winti (gods):

1. The Earth pantheon with the Earth gods or Gron Winti.
2. The Water… 290 more words

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A is for Aulë

(Here we go, first PBP post! And I am ridiculously nervous, but let’s do this…)

In my pantheon, Aulë is  one of the Aratar, or Greater Powers. 540 more words


Earth Gods and the 2008 election

You may still be in the Religion Box. Which is really nothing more than the Political Box with a robe thrown over.  This post is not for everyone. 2,631 more words