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Earth Oven Sourdough Pizza, Bread & Tapioca Snack Baking Class

9th June, we have organized earth oven baking class at Wonder Wilderfarm from 9am – 5pm.

We start the programme with intereactive warm up game, the farm was densed with merry sound from adults and children happily played together. 523 more words

Cooking Workshop

Fire Dynamics ! Round Pole & Earth Oven Workshop

January 18 & 29, 2017

This elemental class started with a hand-on exploration of the evolution of fire usage, and how fire works. We FIRED IT UP … moving from a bonfire to reflective bricks, to a chimney and a Rumford Fireplace …to a metal woodstove.   196 more words

Zacahuil – an ancient culinary tradition of the Huastec peoples

One of my fondest memories of the Husteca Potosina, the Huastec region of Mexico, is savoring the famous zacahuil, the region’s signature dish. Zacahuil is a giant Mexican tamale. 1,295 more words


Blazing through fall

The leaves changed color in breathtaking beauty and hung out for a while. Now we’ve had our first snow and many, but not all, have fallen. 349 more words