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Climate change pact

Finally, movement to curb our drive to destroy the planet we live in. Hope nations really pull together and work to reduce destruction of the earth. 141 more words


NASA hints at 'another Earth' in lead-up to announcement

WASHINGTON — NASA has some big news in the hunt for Earth-like planets.

NASA plans to share a discovery from its Kepler Space Telescope in a news conference scheduled for 9 a.m. 147 more words



After preparing a quick, yet delicious meal, I got to thinking about containers. In most of my posts to date, I have discussed plastic until becoming blue in the face (not literally), but I haven’t gone into detail about other products harmful to the environment, such as glass. 389 more words


Plastic. At one point or another, we all have purchased some form of plastic. Personally, I hate when my family members purchase or use any type of plastic that isn’t reusable. 534 more words



For a few days now, I have racked my brain for ideas on how to reduce the amount of trash that leaves my household. It’s easy to throw plastic into a container and reserve an area for composting products, but reducing the massive overload of garbage leaving my home has posed as quite a threat. 394 more words


I don’t know about your household, but in mine we go through plastic products something awful.  Although it is hard to admit, by the time the garbage man approached my curb, I had ten to twelve bags of trash awaiting pickup. 608 more words



After peeling the seal on the octagon shaped container, the garden- fresh air is quickly altered to a heavy fog that stings even the toughest noses. 715 more words