Chapter 2.2 Dangerous Nature

Divine Nature is the counter-image of the evil, dangerous Nature, where things annihilate each other threatening permanently humankind. The admiring contemplation of Nature on the one hand, and the ambition to rule over it on the other hand, indicate an ambivalence wavering between affectionate respect and brutal aggressiveness. 251 more words

Magic Of Nature: On The Mystery Of Healing

Scientists Predict 2018 Will Be a Bad Year for Earthquakes. Here's Why

Source: Time

By Jeffrey Kluger

12:47 PM EST

There is no natural disaster sneakier than an earthquake. Hurricanes can be predicted and tracked weeks in advance, and even tornados, monsoons and blizzards at least have seasons. 287 more words

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Iran-Iraq earthquake: Hundreds killed as border region hit

Source: BBC News

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has shaken the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 396 people and injuring thousands more. 86 more words

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Disasters: An Awakening

With regard to those directly affected by disasters such as the recent hurricanes and the earthquakes in Mexico, I think it’s important to maintain the right perspective. 234 more words

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Mexico quake leaves country’s historic churches battered

Source: Associated Press


MEXICO CITY (AP) — Our Lady of Angels Church has survived several major earthquakes, but Tuesday’s magnitude 7.1 shake proved to be the final death knell for the Mexico City building’s historic cupola. 115 more words

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Mexicans Turn To Their Faith As Country Recovers From Earthquake

Source: Huffington Post

By Carol Kuruvilla, Chris McGonigal

Days after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit central Mexico, residents are in part turning to prayer and spirituality to cope with the devastation. 92 more words

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