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It Rained Earth Worms In Norway For Some Reason

Every once in awhile, the weather likes to pull fast ones on us. Sometimes it inspires a random Bostonian to dress up as a Yeti… 178 more words

Web Culture

Earth worms !!

How exciting! It took quite long to get here but now it is! The future home of a bunch of thousands of earth worms.

Yeah, you really read that, earth worms! 405 more words


How Patrick Became a Superhero

Since Patrick got jobless in his early 20s, he started to think about his mission in this world. What if the boss was right and he really was too slow and incapable of joining whatever collective? 1,458 more words

The Hour When The Freaks Go Out


Following the Wolf Spider into Manna House history,  the biggest worm I have ever seen.  Possibly not lumbricus terrestris, but certainly not a slow worm and definitely not a snake. 59 more words

The Area

Earthworm farm visit

Last week, the Fablab Saigon team went to visit M. Tuấn from the An Phu earthworm farm. there are quite a lot of information on his website already, but nothing is like going there, see and, for the most daring, touch the worms and have M. 532 more words


23) Preserving Biodiversity: Save earth worms

Earthworms are an indispensable link in the food chain. They ceaselessly recycle organic matter, such as dead leaves and other decomposing plants. By so doing, they collaborate in the production of good humus and maintain the fertility of the soil in which the fruit and vegetables that we eat are grown. 68 more words