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Its a Dirty Job Part 3 Compost

Lets touch on the grand ol’ subject of composting. I almost cringe at the subject. Not because it isn’t important, but because the gardening industry has truly made this subject way more complicated than need be. 903 more words

Creation For The Created

Winter Golf Course Conditions

With all the rain in the Charlotte area over the past 2 months there has been several questions regarding the wet conditions of the course.  Below is a list of questions with a brief explanation for the conditions we are experiencing and the challenge of dealing with mother nature. 809 more words


Earth Worms.

Earth Worms.
Digging in the cover crops and harvesting the ginger gives me a chance to see how healthy the earthworm population is. How valuable this little creature is as it eats, digests then excretes the conditioned and minerally enriched soil we call castings. 282 more words

One day Permaculture workshop - Saturday 6 June 2015

One day basics Permaculture workshop

Join in a fun day where you will learn how to make rich, organic soil. The secret to

growing healthy plants is in the soil. 280 more words


Day 90 + 22 - potatoes!

Day 90 + 22 of #cleanse4expansion and today I planted potatoes in four cultivating beds in the garden. Again, assisted by the three hens, and boy are they good at eating earth worms. 131 more words