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Mercy for Imperfection

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.  Matthew 5:7

If you asked me to define mercy, I would probably start with something like “showing compassion and giving aid to someone who is in trouble, perhaps in a situation they can’t get out of through their own volition.”

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Sheree Martin

Earth Day

Since today is Earth Day, I thought you should see our gardens. A couple of days ago, Mac was clearing one of the aquaponic pools as the bok choy had fallen and taken over more than half of the pool. 52 more words


long haired hippy type pinko fags

that’s the beatles.  yall bull heads near jones road might not see it that way. gofer just saw some history of them skid row billionares.  got tired listening. 18 more words

Earth Worms

o yes the fake profile trick

there all around, there are some real doozes . u say too far and they make a come on game out of it. they say there not married thats a crock of chinga . 18 more words

Beginner Gardener Tips: Should You Till? – The Raised Bed Farm Blog

Beginner Gardener Tips: Should You Till? – The Raised Bed Farm Blog

When we bought our first house in 2000, it had a 1000 square foot area that had been gardened by the 90-year-old prior owner for 20 years.  

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