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On Other Worlds

I stand here alone on the shore of a sea that has yet to live. All around me is stillness only, the quietness that comes at night after all the living things have wrapped themselves in their shadowy cocoons and gone to sleep. 496 more words


When The Last Wild Tree Was Felled

Following is a story penned by my brother, Rod years ago (he also, as an accomplished artist, created the cover to my book). It is part of an, as yet, unpublished collection of 29 fantastic short stories. 538 more words


A Global Headache

world head
big squeeze
hairy situation
push and shove
inhuman species
busting heads
thick skulls
hearts grown tough
administer peace
world head
shakes us off
like dandruff


Ex-It IV

A voice inside my mind asked me if I want to go …  I said, “Yes.” 155 more words

Creation Care, Ecological Justice and Ethics by Patriarch Bartholomew

It is seldom that an Ecumenical Patriarch is given exposure for his views. During the recent visit of Patriach Bartolomew in Manila, he delivered a speech in which he shared his seldom-heard views about the most important issue – ecology, correlating it to man’s obligation for the sake of self-preservation. 1,052 more words


"Open up to infinity and become infinity"

My college experience has been quite unique compared to many others. I originally planned on becoming an English high school teacher, but quickly realized I do not want to spend my life answering to administrators who have never taught, to parents who do not hold their students accountable anymore, and to students who generally do not want to be there. 346 more words

Psalms 95

A Call to Worship and Obedience

95 Oh come, let us sing to the Lord!
Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. 176 more words