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Preparing for the Journey Beyond this Life

We know that the human life is going to end in a particular manner. Although we know the end, we do everything else, except what we are supposed to do, that is, preparing for the journey beyond. 109 more words


I will always leave to appreciate
Everything He is and every He creates
An admirer I am so I must selflessly admit
God has all that you may ever call traits…

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Get in touch with nature

I was on my way back home from a trip to New Zealand recently when I truly realised the beauty of the world. I’ve never kept my fascination of all forms of nature a secret but this one snapshot in particular really made me feel something deep. 235 more words


I Am So Tired

I am working on my Child Development Associate certification, and also recently became a Certified Nurses Aide.  I am a full-time activist and mother, and I work part-time in food service.   132 more words


#25 Is Sir Isaac Newton's "Law of Gravity" Just One Great Big 500 Yr. Old Lie?

You do look, my son, in a moved sort,
As if you were dismay’d. Be cheerful, sir.
Our revels now are ended. These our actors, 3,717 more words