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COP21: le tour du monde des actions symboliques en photos

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Les manifestations ont lieu dans le monde entier (ici Vienne en Autriche). – © JOE KLAMAR – AFP

C’est la plus importante conférence de l’histoire des négociations climatiques. 586 more words


The Element of Fire

Affirmation- I am powerful

Age of Man- youth, adolescence

Alchemical Element Equivalent- sulfur

Alchemical Metal- iron, gold

Angelic Elemental Ruler – Aral

Animals- dragon, lion, horse (when their hooves strike sparks), lizards, snakes, Ladybugs, Scorpions, Burrowing animals; badger, porcupine, coyote, fox, mice, most dogs, cats; fire, faith, protectors. 803 more words

Tattered Love

What does it mean for love to be tattered when it is emotional states that cannot physical go through the process of wear and tear, or so we think right? 254 more words


Genesis 6:12

Science Rendition

And the progressively expanding, elevating power complex discerns the increasing degradation into sensory existence by the compressive power, being the consummation of the phenomenal emanations through descent into materiality according to the particular law governing the compressive power. 232 more words


Genesis 6:11

Science Rendition

The compressive power progressively degrades and decays the phenomenal emanations of the progressively expanding power complex, and this compressive power folds in on itself increasing in density and heat. 270 more words


Old World Order-Present Havoc



Look fear in the eyes

as it slays your hope

There is no new world, we are the old world.

We are a failed world… 18 more words


Finding my way

I wrote this a while ago thinking about my life, I made a few changes today. But it is still, life.


Trying to find my way… 201 more words