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Empire of Mind + Three More


Empire of Mind

My mind is a society
buzzing in technicolor.

Its skies are saturated,
gluttonous children,
painted in mislaid
lilacs and sapphire. 334 more words


Climate change. Global Warming. What?!

Dear 21st century humans,

There’s one thing that we have always heard when it comes to our environment. Well, three actually. These are buzz phrases that are thrown around by scientists, news anchors and politicians WHENEVER there is talk of the environment.  777 more words

RES Is Celebrating Earth Day on a Whole New Level

Although Earth Day has passed and more awareness was spread on conserving the planet, Rymfire Elementary is still focusing on bettering the Earth through teaching their students not to take it for granted. 629 more words


Does Quran say that the Earth is Flat?


The Qur’an says that Allah has made the earth for you as carpet. This gives an indication that the earth is flat. Does this not contradict established modern science? 942 more words


How many people can the Earth actually hold?

Earth may only be a tiny blip on the map relative to the entire universe, but for our purposes, it’s pretty darn big. Of course, the vast majority of earth – about 70% – is comprised of water. 386 more words


Elemental Voices - Earth

What qualities would a voice with an affinity for earth have? On the opposite end of the spectrum from air, earth is the lowest elemental voice of the four, known for its deep smoothness that can get a little rugged around the edges. 334 more words

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