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Consideration Cooperation

mind brought us out of the non ambition (accepting what is)
to the ambitious not on the ground
needs to get on the ground… 94 more words


Source Separation and Unification: the Evolutionary Crisis of Pluto Retrograde

As one of the three outer (or ‘invisible’) planets, Pluto is directly correlated to the realization of one’s evolved destiny. Surpassing the trivialities of the material sphere and its worldly concerns, traversing the quotidian absurdities of narrow pursuits, Pluto encompasses the full development and capacity for discernment: truth transcending dogmatic, unscrupulous, and tyrannical behavior is at the forefront of heightened Plutonian energy. 432 more words


Moon in Sky

“The moon had been observing the earth close-up longer than anyone. It must have witnessed all of the phenomena occurring – and all of the acts carried out – on this earth. 11 more words