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Mother World

In order to take advantage of the express manicure service in H&M from overspending on dresses, earrings and bikinis, I took a two hour detour from going straight home from London Victoria station to see my friend in South Kensington, then to get to Oxford Circus. 229 more words


endless dance

cling tightly O moon
and shower affections on
one worthy of love

Haiku - Poetry

How Will We End?

There are obviously a lot of risks when it comes to living on Earth. Anything from humans to outside forces such as asteroids. It is hard to predict when and what will eventually end the world we all know and love, but we can observe and predict. 348 more words

The International Flag of Planet Earth?

The most iconic and groundbreaking of human endeavours has served to captivate and inspire generations of individuals across the globe. Everyone knows about the first cosmonaut in space, the first shuttle launch, the first landing on the moon. 972 more words


Image of the Day....FireFlies over Sky...!!!

Fireflies are back, upstate New York

Photo and report from an EarthSky friend who regularly watches for them.

Here’s the first firefly photo we’ve seen so far this year. 459 more words

Interesting Read


232 Days Left

I walk down to the cafeteria

and see the garbage cans:

one yellow and one black

for plastic and for trash.

As the hour passes… 92 more words


Thunder Be Heard

Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers.
Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds.
Let the earth be covered with fog; cover the earth with rains. 42 more words