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Men are from Mars.Women, too

No, this article has nothing to do with intersexual relationships. The title is quite literal and if you were hoping to read about relationship secrets, I suggest you hit the back button on your browser and google it using the key words provided above. 526 more words

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Acidity in atmosphere minimized to preindustrial levels | ESIST

The ice is drilled in Greenland and Antarctica and is transported back home to the laboratory where it is prepared and made ready the measurements. 674 more words

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Fundamentals Of Nutrition

Hey guys, Zach Finney here! This topic has been formulating in my mind for quite some time, and so I wanted to sit down with it and begin to allow it to express itself. 626 more words


Restoration Ecology: One final card up humanity's sleeve

Let’s start with the bad news.

Researchers for the last decade have been coming up with different climate change models and predicting when we will cross the point-of-no-return; the point once crossed, cannot reverse or reduce the impact of climate change anymore. 932 more words



Fellow bloggers! I’ve been on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to post but I’m still here!!

I visited this tree in charleston, South Carolina over the weekend and the experience was truly indescribable. 104 more words

Chinese officials confirm tiangong-1 space station is out of control, will hit earth on early 2017

Hi to all ! I was searching around the Internet when a news made me interested, tiangong-1 space station is out of control. First I didn’t believe it ! 257 more words