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Vivid Life

It was a beech, standing somewhat isolated, and still leafless in quite early spring. Suddenly I was aware of its skyward reaching arms and upturned fingertips, as if some vivid life (or electricity) was streaming through them into the spaces of heaven, and of its roots plunged into the earth and drawing the same energies from below.

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10 easy recycling tips

It’s been in the news recently that China has stopped accepting mixed plastics from foreign countries. This has left a lot of councils in a situation they aren’t equipped to handle. 767 more words


5 Common Misconceptions about Heaven and the Afterlife

A couple months back I was asked to write a guest blog for the Gospel Relevance website on the topic of five common misconceptions about heaven and the afterlife. 135 more words


Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #2

12th May, 1914.

United States Patent No.1096102.

Application of Discovery, Marshall. B. Gardner;

Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, U.S.A.

Approved. Granted.

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who were you before society told you who to be?

You were born into the world out of a blanket of darkness, afraid. You didn’t think of what was to come; you were cold, and the world was unnerving. 450 more words


Gestures of Memories

Geste de la mémoire 1: House by Mai Anh, Painted by Florian Nguyen

Working with two contemporary dancers in intense interviews, Florian Nguyen searched memory and how these dancers responded to prompts of their own remembrance. 108 more words