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This is how your world will end. By Maia Dalma

If you were hanging out on Solar Warden, having a philosophical moment, it might look like this:

I counted at least twelve. It looked like a battle group.

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Tears roll down my chin
Like the raindrops on my window.
How to describe this beauty
Oh Lord
I try my best to sink it all on paper. 131 more words


Caveman by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Reblogged from Neel Anil Panicker:

A cavern, grotto, hollow, cavity, pothole, underground chamber, gallery, tunnel, dugout.

When it comes to the word cave there indeed is no shortage of synonyms. 84 more words

Photo Prompt

I'm sorry.

This blog was made for me to share my thoughts whether they’re positive or negative
Is this the life I was kicking my moms belly for? 289 more words


Number C106: Giant Red Hand

[ Rock / Xyz / Effect ]

3 Level 5 monsters

If this card has a “Number” monster as an Xyz Material, it gains this effect. 46 more words

Yu-Gi-Oh! - TCG/OCG

Number 106: Giant Hand

[ Rock / Xyz / Effect ]

2 Level 4 monsters
During either player’s turn, when a monster effect is activated on your opponent’s field(except during the Damage Step): You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card, thentarget 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls; while this card is face-up on the field, that Effect Monster’s effects are negated, also it cannot change its battle position.

ATK / 2000   DEF / 2000

Yu-Gi-Oh! - TCG/OCG