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Life is many things at once..

Everything is everything.

A drawing, for a change:

Capricorn and Astrology

 Individuals born December 22 РJanuary 19 are known to fall under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

These zodiac signs possess the element of Earth. 240 more words


The Bible



Impeccable And Infallible




….is the¬†BIBLE.

God’s word, the Alpha and the Omega.

A book revered since the beginning of time. 527 more words


the place that isn't there

i better see what’s going on

in the world around me…

click- narrowminded dialogue

click- lies, lies, lies

click- gloss underreported facts

click- softball questions… 70 more words


Our World and Beyond

diamonds on Jupiter

the biggest of all

raging within

hot or cold

planets to the extreme

our solar system

black holes

what comes in, comes out… 54 more words

Compromising Lives

“Living here can be compromising”
says Dad to Danny
in a John Irving novel.

Isn’t that our universal truth?

Living here is a compromising series of on-purpose accidents. 122 more words

AUGUST 2ND, 2017

August 2nd was marked by being the Earth Overshoot Day. We have by now used MORE than the Earth can give us for a whole year. 245 more words