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Hooray For Algae

Terraforming, which is different from terror forming, is an English word with Latin roots. Terra being the Latin name for Earth, the word is pretty self explanatory. 601 more words

a staggering compilation

but do you feel stimulated and does the warm air wrap itself around your ankles and whip at your neckflesh and do men hold your face in their hands with tenderness and does the wild eye of the sky keep pouring hot rain onto the pavement? 396 more words


Lubna is an Arabic female name meaning “storax (tree)” in Arabic, storax being a type of tree from which a liquid balsam could be obtained from it, used in perfumes and medicine. 121 more words


Video: How Wolves Change Rivers

Video by Chris and Dawn Agnos

“Here at ‘Straight from the Horse’s Heart‘ and ‘Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘ we believe that nature takes care of nature and the misguided intervention of man usually leads to ecological disaster; primarily due to the need of greed to monetize all that is natural. 185 more words

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Open Houses this Weekend: August 19th & 20th

The Eastside is ready to CHOMP! down!

This local food festival celebrates local farmers and their role in providing with locally-sourced, sustainable growth, and quality products, to chefs and restaurants across Washington. 442 more words

Mercer Island

Egocentric ignorant bastards' abundance = Chaos 

Yes, an abrupt start. Would a goal to write something in a particular manner help? Such as heavens looking down on us with chronic spit in disgust showing haughty derision? 522 more words


The Pillars Of The Earth Game Adds Choices To The Book's Dramatic Moments

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In the first chapter of Ken Follett’s bestselling novel The Pillars of the Earth, mason Tom Builder and his family are journeying through snowy woods when his wife, Agnes, enters labor. 538 more words