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goldfields mud

He looked at us, but we were splashed with yellow mud, and had handkerchiefs tied over our heads.

(Rolf Boldrewood, Robbery Under Arms, 26)

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Sixty-two Fairs Later

When I was a kid — seven years old — my family of two siblings and Mom and Dad dressed in pioneer clothing and followed a covered wagon around the fairgrounds in Napoleon, Ohio, to help celebrate the fair’s 100th birthday! 173 more words


Cities and their flowers.

Manisa, the city of poppies.

Isparta, the city of rose.

Damascus, the city of jasmine.

and a beautiful book from Jack Goody:

The Culture of Flowers


The Hair of the Farm People

Part 9 of the Sacred Mountain Series

There was something special about the Farm People’s hair that was deeply spiritual. Gem and Seth could not figure out exactly how it worked, but there seemed to be a deep spirituality, that came from the soil, and through the people, that made them so incredibly gentle. 355 more words


Solar activity has a direct impact on Earth's cloud cover...

Solar variations affect the abundance of clouds in our atmosphere, a new study suggests. Large eruptions on the surface of the Sun can temporarily shield Earth from so-called cosmic rays which now appear to affect cloud formation.

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