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Eartha Kitt - Woke A.F.

A little history filler for those of us for whom Eartha Kitt was before a time of our awareness.

FTR:  President Johnson sent the FBI & CIA after her for speaking truth to power about black kids being sent to get killed in Vietnam.   31 more words


Wednesday Words on the Wild: Rivers

We have an unknown distance yet to run, an unknown river to explore. What falls there are, we know not; what rocks beset the channel, we know not; what walls ride over the river, we know not.

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Blog Post 2: Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt is an icon of legendary proportions. Whenever the world gets enamored with Beyoncé’s goddess like image or Whitney Houston’s phenomenal performances or even listen to a drag queen gush about Lady Gaga’s  unique methodology, I’m reminded of one of the world’s original “Divas”. 980 more words

Eartha Kitt Natal Chart

Eartha Kitt

DOB: 1/17/1927

Life Path: 28/10

Moon Phase: Gibbous

Her life path makes her very independent, innovative and idealistic.  She wants to bring all together as one but often ends up feeling alone and alienated with her thoughts and direction. 687 more words


Things I'm Verbing: Nasty women, the privacy paradox and intersectional hummus

Thanks to Bim Adewunmi, I know that the world can survive anything, because once upon a time in the ’50s, Josephine Baker (a literal spy for the French Resistance!) and… 543 more words

Things I'm Verbing