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Sustainable Housing is Attainable

So one of my friends is looking into building a house with her family, and it’s got me all jazzed up. For one, I must have been an architect in a past life because I get far too excited about building design and floor plans, and two, she wants to build it out of earthbags. 882 more words

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Earthbag dimension: 28 (W) x 46 (D) x 8 (H) cm

Circumference of 1st layer is 826.24 cm.

C = 2 * Pi * R… 17 more words

House Project

Balay Kublihan 101

Peace Church Philippines is excited to be initiating the Balay Kublihan project and after building the first house, it seems like more will be going up soon.   51 more words

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How To Build An Earthbag Home

Earthbag (aka superadobe) structures have been used for strong, protective barriers that resist severe weather including floods and earthquakes. They are even bullet resistant! So why don’t we all build homes out of them? 352 more words


Mediterranean Earthbag House

May 17, 2009 by Owen Geiger

Mediterranean Earthbag House

Specifications: 832 sq. ft. interior, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Footprint: 27′ x 41′

Description: This Mediterranean house has curved walls, a common plumbing wall, large closets and wood stove.

Mediterranean Earthbag House South Elevation

Earthbag House

Zero Energy One

December 11, 2009 by Owen Geiger

Zero Energy One Earthbag House

ข้อมูลจำเพาะ: ภายใน 846 ตารางฟุต, 1 ห้องนอน, 1 ห้องน้ำ, ฟุตพริ้นท์: 36 ‘x 48’ ไม่รวมถึงอ่าง

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Earthbag House