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Shall we share space?

“Much of the vitality in a friendship lies in the honoring of differences, not simply in the enjoyment of similarities”.

~ James Fredericks

As the sun’s rays pierced through the tissue curtains of the bedroom, I lazily picked up the mobile. 233 more words

Quote Unquote (Photography)

Serbuk Kari Ayam & Daging Jenama Lain

A1 250g
RM3.30 22Jan14 Tesco

Cap O 25g
RM0.50 22Jan14 Tesco

Earthen Pot (Ayam) 100g
RM3.15 22Jan14 Tesco

Earthen Pot (Daging) 100g
RM3.15 22Jan14 Tesco

Faiza 220g
RM2.90 22Jan14 Tesco

Barang Dapur

Quilon Shark Curry

Quilon is a coastal area and they are famous for their unique cuisine, which mainly focuses on seafood. This is a popular dish made from small shark, called “sravu” in Kerala. 407 more words

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Kerala fish curry, without coconut

Now, let me give you the recipe which is cherished by all the (non-vegetarian) coastal residents of Kerala, but mainly by the visitors of “kallu-shaaps”(toddy shop). 519 more words

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Diary from my Unknown Hometown Rohtak – Part 6

‘Yaa garmiyon ki raat jo purwaayiaan chale
Thandi safed chaadaron pe jaagen der tak
Taaron ko dekhte rahen chhat par pade huye
Dil dhoondhtaa, hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din’
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Seeping Sin

I’m sickened by the sin that still seeps out
Of unpatched cracks that mar this earthen pot.
The stench of stale, and festering slime could not… 183 more words


The Indian Fridge..Ahh Nostaligia

My first brush with a pot was when I was a little kid…our kiddy gang used to go for morning walks and adventures into JNU… 357 more words