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Give free education about sustainable lifestyles?

Today you get a choice. Do you say yes or no to giving all Earthlings education for free of how to live sustainable lifestyles? If you say yes to free education you have shown love to Mother Earth. 149 more words


28 days vegan

Hello hello!

I have officially made it 28 days fully vegan, after slowly transitioning for a while, before completely committing! So what have I learned and experienced so far? 422 more words



Certain folks are driven by nationalism, racism, homophobia, sexism, any kind of intolerance which is a colossal pity. At the core of all this there is ignorance; it’s that old story of people judging and fearing what they don’t comprehend. 1,544 more words


Microbiology and Thoughts on Life

Several years ago, I took a microbiology class. It is still one of my all-time favorites because it brought about deep insights during a very dark period of my life. 304 more words


Breaking the Silence

A poem by guest contributor Heather Leughmyer

Breaking the Silence

Silence ensures that the meek are restrained
The harmless held captive, the innocent chained
A menacing friend to corruption and greed… 143 more words

Humane Politics

Colonizing Mars: An Idea That's Out of This World

War of the Worlds is a scientific classic. The H.G. Wells novel describes how Martians invade Britain in the late-Victorian period (when the book was written) and easily take over the world’s then greatest superpower. 845 more words


Between The Stars and The Earth by Elle Scott

What can I say? Ms. Scott has once again shown her skills as a writer. My sole purpose of acquiring this collection of stories in the young adult dystopian genre was just to read Ms.Scott’s new work. 402 more words