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Why become vegan? 1/3 Animals


Happy Sunday! So I have been talking to a couple of my non vegan friends and asked why they weren’t vegan. Plain, simple, no judging. 781 more words


Is It Enough To Just Be Vegan?

You’ve gone vegan, Awesome. But do you feel pressured to do more? 914 more words



While he 8th Psalm is relatively brief, the words are pithy and deep; composed with the one great aim of magnifying the glory of Jehovah. The reach of the poem is great stretching from the eternal throne, the home of the triune God, to the perfection of the universe with its myriads of stars and galaxies, to the position of mankind , the crown of creation and his eventual redemption and glorification in the new earth. 1,803 more words


First Fridays Earthlings Experience Demo

Activists teamed up at First Fridays art walk to present the Earthlings Experience to passersby. We used tablets and laptops to show the Earthlings documentary… 148 more words

Annunaki And Earthlings

How About That Beard?

So I was asking Arneesh about the beard and crown many of the Annunaki Kings have. Arneesh tells me that his beard goes down to his chest. 946 more words


Back in the recording studio working on a new set. This is the first track ~ earthlings.

Hard to believe but it started life on an acoustic guitar, it was recorded in the home studio and later mixed in a pro studio. 18 more words


I Watched Earthlings.

Over the past few years I have had phases of vegetarianism and veganism. However, through all of these years, I never watched Earthlings, in part because I didn’t think I could make it through the horrific documentary, but mostly because I was scared to face the reality of what is animal agriculture and entertainment. 1,355 more words