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Great white sharks swarm paddle-boarders! | Amazing footage!

Nope, nope, nope, hells NO!!!

The most laid back, don’t give a f***, chill ass, surf Bros you ever have seen! Knowing intellectually that you are safe because you know shark behavior, not by a…

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#earthlings--- A very charming and smart pig.

Pig intelligence explored. Yes, it’s one charming, motha****** pig. Bacon is good, but before it becomes bacon, it’s very worthy of respect. Artificial is getting good, so it might be a moot point soon, but please, if you can, avoid factory meat. 12 more words

My Vegan Journey: Why I Decided to Start, and the Results So Far.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile now, but because it has to do with some health-related issues I’ve been dealing with for the past eight-nine months or so, I’ve been skeptical to write about it.   1,019 more words

#earthlings - A elephants lullaby.

Happy elephant at a rescue with gal that has known the elephant since it was a calf. She’s singing it a lullaby and apparently swatting flies for the big guy, not sure about that but I am sure there is a whole lotta love in the room.😎💯


We All Bleed The Same Colour - Opinion

We all bleed the same colour. 

This is one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard. It’s something that should be obvious to us, something that should be so clear, but it isn’t. 484 more words

Plant Based Diet


Bipolar: (adj) a psychiatric illness characterized by both manic and depressive episodes

 Brandon was caught between two opinions.

One of his psychiatrists thought he was schizophrenic and the other felt it was more likely that he was bipolar. 243 more words

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