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Eco Loving

Who doesn’t love a product that’s good for your skin, the environment, is (85%) organic and (100%) vegan, doesn’t harm animals, and contains zero nasties? It sounds like a common case of “too good to be true”. 715 more words


How Brave Are You?

Bravery has been defined as not the absence of fear, but in acting despite being afraid.

Marshaling one’s wits when afraid is, indeed, acting bravely. 195 more words


Vegan Update pt 2. - Earthlings Review

So yesterday I filled you all in on my newest lifestyle venture, veganism, and the changes that it has made to my body… all positive might I add! 2,014 more words


Should you become a Vegetarian?

“So what made you turn vegetarian then?”

If you do decide to stop eating meat be prepared to hear this a lot, it’s often asked by people who are actually curious but occasionally someone can’t wait to spew some nonsense about their views on vegetarianism. 337 more words


Earthlings 2015-46

I wrote this before, but post it now as a thought on how we are, living on the planet Earth, as groups of people, but also as individuals.  191 more words


Original Recipe Muesli

Make this recipe what you want. Depending on my mood and level of laziness, I’ll either toast the oats, buckwheat and nuts, however keeping them raw is also just as nice, but the flavour won’t be as intense. 387 more words