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Saving the World, One Plate at a Time. Cowspiracy (2014)

Okay. I thought I was the guy who doesn’t hurt planet that much. It’s been a year since I have been gradually reducing meat until becoming a vegetarian. 574 more words

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Could The Earth Be Flat?

If you are a cosmic particle traveling at the speed of light towards Planet Earth it would be, to you! ;)

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Since there’s a lot of negativity directed at people who don’t eat animals, it’s in the interest of the animal chefs, who have to design restaurant menus that include animal-free (vegan) options for these folks, to grasp the reasons behind their commitment. 992 more words


Eating Better: Why Veganism?

I have always been interested in veganism. Like many, my first reactions were something like, “Where do you get your protein?” and “I could never eat plants all day. 679 more words


**Trigger Warning**

 ****For those of a sensitive disposition, please do not read on.  This will be your only warning.****

So much to say.  So little energy.  It’s all gone a bit ‘tit’s up’ to coin a rather odd phrase… 632 more words

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Sugar we're going down

Sugar the no. 1 drug. Wow it’s addictive. I haven’t been consuming sugar for months and it became a routine, I didn’t quit eating sugar, I just don’t want that s**t in me. 150 more words


Do you even know where your stuff comes from? Earthlings - My Perspective

As always I have been doing a bit more research into Veganism and have seen the documentary Earthlings mentioned time and time again. I will admit I was hesitant to watch this as I’ve said before I think promoting veganism through positive means such as expressing the benefits it will have to you and your life is much more effective than shouting about animal rights. 351 more words