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Earth Day Musings

Oh, my lovely earthlings. How I adore this day when all eyes turn to Pachamama and we give just a little (or a lot) back for all we have. 253 more words


Voyager 2's Golden Record... intercepted? or still out there?

For no apparent reason this morning I thought about the space capsule that went zooming out beyond our Solar System on June 16, 1977.      I have known about the “Golden Record” containing various information about Earth that space aliens might be interested in, assuming that they someday “find” the capsule floating around out there and delve into our characteristics.      315 more words

This And That


Just wanted to share a picture I snapped last year at Chutes du Cabret, Guadeloupe. This picture capures nature in its pure, like described in… 60 more words


Begin again...

After several times of being on hiatus, I finally came up with a more organized theme that I really want for this blog. I felt the need to take a break from blogging. 257 more words


Exposing the shame of Carnism

Who wants to watch an entire film about veganism? Well, I do but I am already converted to the cause so I don’t really count. 253 more words


Earthlings Experience, Swansea

Yesterday (18.3.17) I went to Swansea for the day to meet a group of vegan activists taking part in the Earthlings Experience. The Earthlings Experience is a growing form of peaceful activism based around the Earthlings documentary which highlights the different ways we as humans exploit animals and the horrors the animals go through in order for us to do this. 1,348 more words

Life Changing Documentaries

These documentaries have inspired so many people to adopt a plant-based diet. My 468 more words