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Le passé nous tient par la main

Avec une force sans lendemain

On aurait dû

On aurait pu

Plus facile d’y rester que de s’en tirer, 173 more words


Mother nature, how epic you are.

“The good man is the friend of all living things.” – Ghandi

The weather has been improving greatly recently giving me great happiness.  I think it’s pretty amazing how much a change in weather can reflect upon your mood.   464 more words


Vegan Chronicles: 1. Striving for Longevity

I wanna live forever… Or as long as possible without compromising health complications.

I’ve been a vegan for nearly 3 months as of April ’16. Here’s the lowdown… 114 more words


Food of Bodhisattvas, Plant-Based Diet

Moving To A Plant-Based Diet

A few years later I was back in Melbourne again. Talking to the vegan friend in Melbourne gave me a lot to think about, the ethical principles he was trying to stick to were really impressive. 272 more words

If only..

If I was magic and could cast a magic spell,
Then I would give love to everyone in the world, 153 more words

The Struggle for Earth is a Cynical One.

I was debating whether to write about this because, while I have several opinions on the benefits of veganism (etc.), it’s been done a thousand times before and I think – now more than ever – humankind knows where it stands on such issues. 5,052 more words

Misc. Icies


I’m an ethical vegan and an animal rights activist, so my stance on the narrative in documentaries such as Blackfish, Earthlings, Cowspiracy and The Cove will contain bias.

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