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Dear Earthlings #4

So, i seem to be the type of person who even though i hear a person talk about something they know nothing about, i’d keep quite just so that person can feel proud or confident in themselves because i know first hand how it feels like to be completely shut down because someone thought they knew something more than what i did when it came to certain subjects when really they didn’t, they just knew people would listen to them because they seemed more “popular” than i am. 56 more words

World Animal Day!

Hey guys!

For World Animal Day, I thought that I’d share the time that my brother, Josh, and I went to an animal shelter to help out and spend time with animals that are looking for a loving family. 700 more words

Challenge Day 24 :)

Hey everybody ♡

My challenges are slowly coming to an end.. ugh, I am really going to miss this once it’s all over :(
Today’s questions: 377 more words

Harry Potter

8 Life Lessons Veganism has Taught Me

It has been so crazy busy around here lately as we prepare the final touches for the launch of Brownble, and you would think this has me with my mind in a million places, zero focus as I try to focus in on so many things, and stress through the roof. 2,370 more words

Going Veggie

Cowspiracy - The Ill-moo-minaty is real!

Netflix have done a good thing. To make up for single handedly stealing 100% of Blockbusters’ customers. causing them instantaneous bankruptcy (they had to auction off their chairs and staplers and light fittings just to get the final paychecks to their employees), Netflix have agreed to put up a documentary about environmentalism from 2014 called Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret. 857 more words

Film Reviews

3 Huge Reasons To Eat Vegan

Originally I was vegetarian because I was a fussy eater, but now I am mostly vegan for 3 big reasons, which are both separate and interlinked. 894 more words


Educate Yourself

NETFLIX! I would have never thought that the service responsible for entire weekends lost to binge watching ridiculous TV series would be such an outstanding source of information for sustainable, healthy, and cruelty free vegan lifestyles. 213 more words