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I have quite a busy and fulfilling life, I work full-time, am married, have a dog, and pursue far too many activities to ever have enough time to build any kind of skill at any one thing. 928 more words


Changing the World

Your actions determine the future of our planet, and all of humanity. So do something, take action. Plant a tree and learn to live in harmony with nature by becoming more aware of the negative impact your current lifestyle may have on the environment. 473 more words


5 Documentaries that are a must for animal lovers

Documentaries are probably the best, most entertaining and effective way if you want to have a change of perspective on some hard-hitting topics! Here is my list of the best documentaries to watch in order to open your eyes and mind to caring about animals and living a vegan lifestyle. 231 more words

Nothing has been the same lately...Why did this have to happen to me?

Hello Earthlings,

Once again it’s been awhile since we’ve talked.. And lately there have been a lot of changes that I can’t even express to others let alone myself so.. 797 more words

First Things First

Advance humbly;
we all were once
squiggly beings.

© Chagall 2016


How To Be Plant Strong

So, we already know Why I Chose the Vegan Lifestyle but there are still so many “How” questions.

How do I know what to eat? Good question. 1,902 more words

More Info on Why I Chose A Vegan Lifestyle

As I said in my first blog post, I decided to become vegan around April 17th, 2015. The previous week I attended a National Preparedness Summit in Atlanta and one of the keynote speakers talked about emerging infectious diseases, bioterrorism, and other threats we face in public health. 690 more words