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Planet Priority

The future is waiting patiently for earthlings to do the right thing.


Vegan Documentaries to Inspire You to Make the Change

Being vegan is a selfless choice to make. It is more than a dietary change, it’s an environmental change. Living a lifestyle that keeps animal safety in mind is what will slowly but surely hold our environment together. 386 more words


Living on Earth; What is Our Purpose?

I have always wondered what my purpose on this Earth is. 

Why was i chosen to live this life? It’s definitely not so I can go to school, graduate, and find a 9-5 career. 529 more words


The right to eat

In the past few days there has been so much hue and cry about the slaughter ban without any real understanding of the situation. The ban is not going to prevent the poor animals being slaughtered in slaughter houses, but only prevent their indiscriminate slaughter, often done through the most cruel, outdated and unhygienic methods (usually done in back alleys of slums, polluting the surrounding areas as well as exposing children and people to abject cruelty, which our middle and upper-income classes are conveniently spared from witnessing). 472 more words

When, Why, How i went vegan. ''My Vegan Story''

I have always loved animals. I remember me and my sisters always saving injured mice or birds (i think one day actually, we made a ”group” and we were going out looking for injured animals to save haha). 820 more words


The 2005 documentary Earthlings

I saw Earthlings for the first time today, although I had heard of it before. Joaquin Phoenix’s narration is masterful, but the footage is very upsetting to watch. 201 more words


Day 32....Surely when you know better, you'll do better?

Enjoying the last few days of annual leave by staying home and cooking. Bette has been tired since Sunday, I think the birthday week of fun has finally caught up with her. 576 more words