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Having a 'Cheeky Nandos' as a Newbie Vegan

First post alert!

Ok, down to business. The reason I started this blog is I wanted to make some sense of this new post dairy/meat free world that I am now living and I thought what better way to document my successes, failures and “mm, that was ok” moments than writing a blog? 710 more words


Veganism - It's really not that hard!

Most people’s reaction to hearing that someone is vegan tend to be something along the lines of “That must be so hard, I could never do it”. 859 more words


Tips for Those Who Wander

There are moments in life, whether these come crashing down at a young age, mid 30’s, or even when we are older, that we don’t really know what we are doing anymore or where we belong. 1,379 more words
New Age Earthlings


When I moved to Bali in January I noticed that my eating habits slowly started to change. Besides the fact that I started eating Oreos on an almost daily basis, I also barely eat meat anymore. 626 more words

Going Vegan Overnight?

So you’re thinking about going vegan?  You’ve heard that it’s all or nothing.  So do you really have to go vegan overnight???

NO!  (unless you want to haha) 309 more words

Cruelty Free

"OMG !! What is BEAR doing"

Here is the scene, you’re halfway up the wall, keeping a fairly good pace about it, and when you look down you see this!

But you get up that wall faster than the flash.