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Border Control for My Heart...

Between the gaps of lies and truth of hope, I had infused you with a fragrance called Greatness…

I set in this delusion of my own making,  the muck of healing is wretched and at times, seems hopeless.  298 more words

The Whirlwind From An Earthling.

Searching for a purpose,
that worth it, I’m working on words.
Wind, whirling,
the texts take apart the flesh casing like a surgeon
That’s perfect. … 161 more words


Welcome to our Blog

Enjoying the journey, one step at at time.

Decisions, decisions...

Voor Nederlands zie de vertaling onder aan de pagina.

Today a question arose which has caused lots of issues in my life over the last few years. 1,383 more words



In my previous job, I had some good friends. Many are actually better friends now that I have left.

But when I was stressed, angry and the subject of numerous office jokes, I came up with a challenge for my then colleagues. 260 more words


What the health?!

Before we started this way of eating, I did lots of research. I was worried about protein, fat, and if my children would get enough vitamins. 654 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“May all that have life be delivered from suffering.” – Buddha

Objective: The goal of Ahimsa Network is to make it easier for vegans to find and support other vegans.

193 more words