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Earthlings Experience, Swansea

Yesterday (18.3.17) I went to Swansea for the day to meet a group of vegan activists taking part in the Earthlings Experience. The Earthlings Experience is a growing form of peaceful activism based around the Earthlings documentary which highlights the different ways we as humans exploit animals and the horrors the animals go through in order for us to do this. 1,348 more words

Life Changing Documentaries

These documentaries have inspired so many people to adopt a plant-based diet. My 468 more words



1st March 2017 – EXPAND AND GROW

For today’s session, there are three of us and I started with a guided meditation to relax the girls, sending Golden, Healing Light down through the body, releasing all toxins and negativity. 1,974 more words

Devon Animal Save - In The Plymouth Herald


If you follow Devon Animal Save on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc you will see we are stepping up the number of outreach events we do aiming for 3 per week. 413 more words


Why become vegan? 1/3 Animals


Happy Sunday! So I have been talking to a couple of my non vegan friends and asked why they weren’t vegan. Plain, simple, no judging. 781 more words



While he 8th Psalm is relatively brief, the words are pithy and deep; composed with the one great aim of magnifying the glory of Jehovah. The reach of the poem is great stretching from the eternal throne, the home of the triune God, to the perfection of the universe with its myriads of stars and galaxies, to the position of mankind , the crown of creation and his eventual redemption and glorification in the new earth. 1,803 more words


First Fridays Earthlings Experience Demo

Activists teamed up at First Fridays art walk to present the Earthlings Experience to passersby. We used tablets and laptops to show the Earthlings documentary… 148 more words