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Greetings Earthlings

The world is at a crossroads, where divergent forces are fighting for their share of input and power and hegemony.

I know. I know. People have been saying this for over one thousand years. 264 more words

Futurism And The Tomorrow Mill

3 strangers saved my 2 Rupees

After meeting a friend, I crossed the road to get a taxi to take me to a nearby station. I was waiting as taxis passed by with passenger seats filled in. 541 more words


Sexual Fever. . .

“Lay where you’re laying

  Don’t make a sound

  I know they’re watching

  They’re watching

  All the commotion

  The kiddie like play



  Your sex is on fire” 1,069 more words


World Vegan Day! My Thoughts

Today is World Vegan Day!

I had wanted to be vegan for a long time. Partly because I thought it would help me lose weight. I tried several times and always failed because I was under eating and missed the taste of meat. 548 more words

Positive Thinking

Why I Stopped Eating Meat: Gary Yourofsky & The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

I first heard about veganism many years ago, when I found Freelee the Banana Girl’s videos on YouTube (see my post on her here.) After that, I started researching the web and this speech by Gary Yourofsky really hit the message home. 228 more words


Life of a Wanderer-Nightmares

So i thought i would do this blog in increments of major parts of my life.  Kind of get some background before i get into the present so I’ll start with nightmares.   366 more words


Life of a Wanderer-The Beginning

How do I even begin a story that has no ending.  This blog was set to be a place for me to write about my life and adventures seeing as life likes to constantly throw me for a loop.   43 more words