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guest post: b, the bestie

Y’all, how cute is my best friend Becca:

We met during our freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill when we were in the same ENORMOUS Hinton James bible study. 749 more words

quarter life crisis

Sometimes I get weirded out by how hyper-contexualized everything is. Like, I live in a century where Doritos are a thing. And I get off of a loud, but eerily empty train long after it’s dark ~ but before it’s “late” ~ and make a pit stop at a giant rectangular building filled with food. 330 more words

october thirteen

It’s too late in the year for it to be hot like this. Then again, there’s a laundry list of things I don’t understand.

~ b

untitled note

The first two days of this week have been the kind where I fantasize about slipping on a pair of Reefs and just walking with God until I ‘am not’. 90 more words

ballet + bright ideas

Something that hasn’t happened for quite some time is me having my life together. lolz. Still not there yet (as I’ll be couch surfing for another week) but well on my way, I think. 918 more words

A Month for Baldr - XIII - Modern Cultural Issues

Well, immediately what comes to mind when I think of what would Baldr be concerned with in general is those who suffer from depression, and the alienation that usually comes with it. 338 more words


when life is unresolved

moving through the night, trying to get it right 

cause this here life will test you ~ over and over and over again. 

but you keep giving me something to believe in.  107 more words