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new music lately

. . . some of which was supposed to have accompanied me to the atlantic ocean this morning. Unfortunately, I’ll have to reschedule (despite a glorious weather forecast) due to some gastrointestinal difficulties I’ve been plagued with since yesterday’s flight back from Ohio. 70 more words

true things

Earlier this year I heard someone preach about God’s Words and Thoughts, and how we are created in His image as speaking spirits … we have the ability to affect our spheres of influence with the words that come out of our mouths. 622 more words

whilst I should be working...

Last night I met with some folks from church to practice a Christmas song I wrote three winters ago. Hearing other voices carry the tune of a song God gave me has already been such a sweet experience. 18 more words

journal-logging on a lunch break

I am changing fast; spinning wild like clay on a wheel … reworked as my Maker sees fit.

I have a Maker who decides who I should be… 372 more words

My mouth and His Word are the tools God has given me for living a free and fully fruitful life.

I am well equipped.

proverbs 16:24… 11 more words

grace + glory

Around this time last year I had notioned to take more selfies. Twas a brief notion that has not materialized. But as the last few weeks of year twenty-seven unfold, I find myself more inclined – as has been the case for the past few years as I’m greeting the newness that comes with a birthday. 200 more words


I am purposing – again – to be gentle. I suppose by this time of year, I have heard enough of my reiterated conclusions. I call them conclusions because it’s slightly stronger a concept than mere opinion. 258 more words