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summer stuff

So…we’re moving. As of right now, I’m not sure where. Ha. The closer our deadline gets the less real it seems to be, and I’m just kind of like: … 124 more words

things that make me cry off my Elizabeth Arden mascara

the first half of May because Mother’s Day

the second of half of May because memories and living in a college town

throwback Keith Urban songs… 166 more words

hope deferred

I don’t think anybody gets it. Your thing. That thing you want most, and don’t have, that you’re afflicted with and wish you weren’t. And it’s useless comparing troubles because God knows how to get each of us where it will cut the deepest. 337 more words

p r e s e r v e s 

Nine times out of ten I find myself  pronouncing ‘preserves’ in the same old lady Nova Scotia accent that Aunt Hattie used when reprimanding Sarah Stanley on Avonlea. 259 more words

10,000 weight in gold


1. i always come up with such epic passwords and i want to tell people what they are…which profoundly defeats the purpose of having a password. 168 more words

... and other discomforts

i think things like taxes have a very particular way of commanding the eye to cast itself on earthly concerns.


to some government.

pft. 165 more words

On the New Year

I’m wary of celebrations for the New Year nowadays because something tells me the date and concept of years on a Gregorian Calendar wasn’t chosen because it was the best option universally possible. 146 more words