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bread instead of stones

Tomorrow I get to be in Long Beach for three days!! I’m pretty stoked about it because I’ve never been further south than Monterey. It was an inexpensive splurge of a Spring Break, and my dear friend KL is gonna join me so that should be fun. 621 more words

diffusing patchouli

I am in the middle of heaps of transition: planning and packing and laundering and good willing and Craigslisting.

In the clearance section of a Target aisle, I discovered that my nostrils have become desperately attached to the scent of patchouli; so I’ve decided to trust my olfactory nerves, and scored a $6 bottle of the patchouli diffusing oil from Pier 1 Imports.  301 more words

a few favorite photos

This has inadvertently become 73% photo blog, so I figured I’d share a few of my favorite photos from this past year… half-haphazzardly arranged in semi-chronicological order: 20 more words

I finally finished my advent song.

The view from my studio is beautiful and cold. San Francisco glitters in the winter light at 4:44 PM beneath a heap of clouds the color of too many crayons mixed. 312 more words

positive news

The world feels especially loud and chaotic today. A myriad of irritants press heavy on my heart: fifty-three year old men who have nothing better to do than stand on corners with their friends and aggressively… 107 more words


I like choices because I like to Choose.

And when I’ve Chosen, I commit and keep it moving.

But in the Wait And See world of the spontaneous ‘perceiving’ people I so often find myself in relationship with, I can hardly come up with reasons why I can’t just surrender my need for Simplicity and Decided Decisions. 91 more words

favorites lately

I have all these things I make and don’t know what to do with. I have all these words I’m mulling over that come from somewhere in the depth of my soul, or are otherwise lifted from printed pages or swallowed by my ears in the carrying air I can’t see. 233 more words