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ballet + bright ideas

Something that hasn’t happened for quite some time is me having my life together. lolz. Still not there yet (as I’ll be couch surfing for another week) but well on my way, I think. 918 more words

A Month for Baldr - XIII - Modern Cultural Issues

Well, immediately what comes to mind when I think of what would Baldr be concerned with in general is those who suffer from depression, and the alienation that usually comes with it. 338 more words


when life is unresolved

moving through the night, trying to get it right 

cause this here life will test you ~ over and over and over again. 

but you keep giving me something to believe in.  107 more words

hashtag current mood

i don’t wanna worry bout nothin for a while,

i just wanna play around livin’ like a child

with old tunes jammin on my walkman, 15 more words

c o m f o r t

So the other day I made the terrible mistake of starting my day by checking in on how someone else was starting hers. ha. I don’t have any social media accounts besides like, … 330 more words

the answering years

I have recently realized that I can’t, in good conscience, keep living the way I have been when it comes to food + drink. I may never be a true foodie, but I can definitely live with more intentionality and gratitude when it comes to the process of feeding the only body I will ever traipse across the planet in. 173 more words

summer stuff: an insta-post

You guys, I am currently obsessing over the idea of moving to Phoenix because reasons and this is what I do when I feel like I don’t have control of my life (among other things). 156 more words