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the household of God

I don’t like to criticize churches. I find it to be generally unhelpful and divisive. I think there are times when the truth needs to be spoken in love, but over the years I am coming to an increasing understanding of how much of the way we church is cultural – even (and perhaps, especially) in America. 868 more words

life lately

A   L I S T

(haha, see what I did there…)

getting attached to things

I have a healthy reverence for the brevity of life.

That’s how I’ve come to explain my tendency to always end up thinking about eternity and what won’t last. 723 more words

creature comforts

In 2017, I tumbled for a whole entire year.

As I was evaluating my online presences (again), I kept wanting to be beyond tumblr, but I’m not. 296 more words

new music lately

. . . some of which was supposed to have accompanied me to the atlantic ocean this morning. Unfortunately, I’ll have to reschedule (despite a glorious weather forecast) due to some gastrointestinal difficulties I’ve been plagued with since yesterday’s flight back from Ohio. 70 more words

true things

Earlier this year I heard someone preach about God’s Words and Thoughts, and how we are created in His image as speaking spirits … we have the ability to affect our spheres of influence with the words that come out of our mouths. 622 more words