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The Beautiful Letdown

Sometimes you just need to listen to Switchfoot on the train ride home while having 7up & Doritos for dinner. Here’s to flavor dust, humanity, and not belonging here. 

~ b

lost in the metaphor

When we first moved into this apartment, one of the consoling factors was the depth and vibrancy of the sunset. Tonight, heading toward home on the train, it did not disappoint. 293 more words

the hybrid life

One of my really good friends is a therapist. That’s important because I had been praying for something of the sort, but knew that I couldn’t afford an official arrangement. 309 more words

dressed for where you're going

I have this internal practice of imagining the talks I would give if I was a conference speaker. It’s something I’ve been doing compulsively since my teenage years. 919 more words

Cat sitting on the marsh

I told my aunt that I was housesitting. She laughed and said, “like on TV?”

Then I was like, “yeah, there’s a cat involved.” 

And she proceeded to inform me that Arm & Hammer is, indeed, the best litter one can secure. 56 more words

jobs i've had: corporate america

Perhaps the most drastic of my employment transitions was the time that I went from coordinating a private alternative healing practice in Berkeley to working the front desk of Corporate America in San Francisco in a matter of like 4.5 days. 777 more words

how to gain 16 pounds

A couple of Mondays ago I traipsed down to the pristine, clean Kaiser complex my new insurance affords me access to for a physical. It was quite the contrast to the homey Naturopathic office I haven’t been to in 2-3 years, but I’m so grateful to be covered by pretty incredible healthcare and have access to sterile, western medicine. 545 more words