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Earthquake help needed

Late on the night of September 7, 2017, in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, my phone dinged — a message from a friend in Oaxaca concerned about my 91 year old neighbor.  424 more words


Going, Going, Gone!

Jama Ecuador –  Each week oversees the repair or slow destruction of earthquake-damaged buildings in the area.  A few buildings worthy of saving now have stronger spines and will preside over the newbies.   476 more words


Timeout for Art: Under the Influence of ---

Jama Ecuador –    “Lee-sah,” my friend Nieve said when I stepped out of my cabana, “We were calling you and thought you were gone!”

With a bit of a shell-shocked gaze, I laughed and said I could hear nothing over the sound of the construction. 221 more words


From the Mind of Mr. Zeus, part 10

Guess what time it is, boys ‘n girls! Time for a new issue of your favorite super-zine, the Official Mr. Zeus Fanclub Newsletter. Let’s see what our semi-retired hero has been up to…. 1,301 more words

Original Characters

The Art of Rebuilding a City

The community of Christchurch was brought to its knees when the earth convulsed with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in 2011 eight days after Cupid’s holiday. The city center, with three-quarters of its structures dismantled, was shut down. 415 more words


Did you save the world, yet?

After a summer of tedious medical drama and a general delaying of life-plans, the option to apply for another All Hands Volunteers project was just too appealing to turn down. 1,119 more words