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From the Mind of Mr. Zeus, part 10

Guess what time it is, boys ‘n girls! Time for a new issue of your favorite super-zine, the Official Mr. Zeus Fanclub Newsletter. Let’s see what our semi-retired hero has been up to…. 1,301 more words

Original Characters

The Art of Rebuilding a City

The community of Christchurch was brought to its knees when the earth convulsed with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in 2011 eight days after Cupid’s holiday. The city center, with three-quarters of its structures dismantled, was shut down. 415 more words


Did you save the world, yet?

After a summer of tedious medical drama and a general delaying of life-plans, the option to apply for another All Hands Volunteers project was just too appealing to turn down. 1,119 more words


From a House to a Home

I’m sitting in the back of a truck with 18 other people on the way to the work sites. There’s a general smattering of conversation going on but mostly people stick to themselves on the early morning route to the houses, headphones, books, Spanish learning and sleep are the order of the day and people instinctively conform to this mindset. 890 more words


To Ecuador!

A British summer in Kent is a superb place to be stuck when you’re confused, concerned and generally quite anxious whilst pretending to yourself and everyone else that you’re definitely not in the least bit anxious. 852 more words


Enduring Difficult Times

“We warriors of light must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know the Universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how.”   1,151 more words


Chamber Host Ecuadorian National Day Celebration

Representatives and community leaders from nations representing South and Central America as well as Mexico were on hand to help the South American country of Ecuador celebrate its independence at the historic Jardin El Encanto in Monterey Park recently. 308 more words