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It's not all doom and gloom during the monsoon

The monsoon rains have definitely disrupted our scheduling but once a week we get a decent day. A few mornings back, after a night of heavy rain, I woke up to a view of the mountains from my bedroom window. 104 more words


Interlude: Beanie Days

The versatility! A beanie on the head means one less layer on the body. Who needs a puffy jacket when you can look hip, skinny and beanied on the street. 584 more words

“I wish it was only a Nightmare”

“April 25, 2015, I can’t define this day. A day my country was hit by a massive earthquake. Many people lost their homes, their lives, the country was ruined and I was shattered. 327 more words

Earthquake Relief

Prayers for Nepal

Day 17: Reading

I’m still absorbing the special words and messages on the prayer flags we made yesterday, honoring Nepal and fundraising for earthquake relief. 87 more words


Teacher's training in Sindhupalchowk

Sindhupalchowk is the most affected area by April’s earthquake. There’s nearly no house that hasn’t at least some cracks – if it’s still standing at all. 213 more words

Earthquake Relief

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Program Through Schools At Kavrepalanchowk and Lalitpur Districts

“I have seen progressive change in the behavior and regular attendance of the students due to the camp activities. Now, the students are more active, energetic and lively in the schools. 493 more words

Earthquake Relief

Tents’ as a Temporary Shelter

“Home is where you feel the safety and having a roof above your head is the key to creating a beautiful family.” What if you worked hard all your life for it and then everything gets buried in a blink of an eye? 378 more words

Earthquake Relief