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The List

Side note: Being a parent is draining. That is honestly my first thought as I sit down to write. It is irrelevant…but I have to justify the lack of natural flow and creativity in my brain right now. 706 more words


Pounding tires at the Martin Earthship

Seeing as we have copious amounts of free time (that was sarcasm, if you missed it), Kat and I decided to go join a bunch of other volunteers last weekend (Aug 20th, to be exact) down in Mallorytown, ON to do some tire pounding. 590 more words


Riding the red road

Red roads are the name given to the dirt tracks which criss cross Cambodia when you move away from the main towns. After a couple of days exploring Kampot and Kep on a scooter we met a guy called Pierre who led us and two fellow volunteers, Elsa and Francesca, for 45 minutes down a series of red roads to an education centre. 631 more words

Crestone Manifestone

Where am I? What day is it?
Yeah, sounds like Crestone, Colorado to me

See, we’ve found ourselves in this odd little town, and it is ODD. 175 more words

Exciting Earthship News

Not so long ago, we receive a very important package in the mail.

Hmmm, what could this be? Let’s open the box and find out. 255 more words


Day 2

Due to the heat and the children I have only been able to do an hour a day of work on leveling the outside of the house. 48 more words

Project Updates

The time has comeĀ 

As of today we are going to be actively trying to get everything ready to start the tires. We still have to level the ground around the concrete slab and add the concrete where the door is going. 143 more words

Project Updates