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The Future of Living: Self-Sustaining Villages | James Ehrlich | TEDxKlagenfurt

What a great idea! I have often dreamed of buying some rural land and building an… 407 more words

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Powering an Earthship

Earthship’s do not use traditional heating and cooling methods, instead they use passive thermal heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable inside temperature.

The thermal mass of the earth and tyre walls is used to store both hot and cold temperatures – much the same as a rock can be heated up by the sun during the day and then releases it’s heat during the night. 133 more words

I See You

Please allow me to give a little attention to my love. He is the reason we are able to live here and to build our dream home. 275 more words


Martin Earthship Pack-out

It’s been well over a month since my last post and I’m sure there are people wondering what is going on with us. Fortunately, I have some Earthship related news this time. 565 more words


A Year In the Life

A Year In the Life

(A glimpse of 365 days)

Earthship Blog post #17


I’ve been avoiding my journal and my blog for several reasons. One, I’ve been tired, another I’ve let negativity rule how I feel. 1,635 more words


Earthships - Building with Recycled Materials

Principle #1: Building with recycled or natural materials

The primary building blocks of any Earthship are tyres, bottles and cans. I covered building with tyres in my  70 more words