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Cardboard boxes | Box Forts?

Who doesn’t like building a cardboard box fort?! Any respectable fort builder knows that boxes are coveted fort-building materials. Earthships puts them to good use in a less creative, but purposeful way. 96 more words


Used Bottles & Jars | Bottle Bricks

The second most crucial wall building material is concrete.  What makes the concrete walls of the Earthship unique is the addition of recycled glass and plastic bottles in the form of bottle bricks. 201 more words


Used Tires | Rammed-Earth Blocks

Used tires are the most crucial component of Earthship construction.

Tires are pounded full of dirt to create rammed-earth blocks. Building the massive retaining wall of tires is the first phase of construction. 344 more words


What is an Earthship anyway?

Earthship is the term for a unique type of eco-friendly and sustainably home that interfaces with natural phenomenon to care for its inhabitants.  Earthships provide these six basic survival needs and they do it all without a single utility connection: 54 more words


Things are about to get REAL

Earthship Blog post #9

October 17, 2016


Today I’m so excited! The guys from Mountain Power Solutions are here. (The solar guys!)

They’re moving the batteries into the power shed. 645 more words

Building An Earthship