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Merger of Title in Same Owner Extinguishes Easement by Prescription and Defeats Adverse Possession

Take, for example, a fact set where two adjoining but separate tracts of land were bought from different owners by the same husband and wife to form a single farm.   220 more words


Non-Adjoining Landowners Have No Automatic Right to Access A Roadway

Do landowners whose land does not reach the actual roadway itself have a right to access a roadway over another person’s land?  What if the boundary line reaches into the 60 foot (30 feet each side of middle or roadway) right-of-way but does not reach the roadway itself? 195 more words


Roadway exception language in Deeds refers to an Easement

The language in deeds often “excepts” the roadway.  What does that mean?–the land under the roadway is not conveyed?–an easement is created?  Did the fee title to the land stay with a previous landowner, was it never conveyed, or what? 110 more words


Case of the Day - Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Jim Stafford and Greg Barnett have something in common — neither one likes spider or snakes. In Greg’s case, he doesn’t think much of Southern California Edison, either. 913 more words

Case of the Day - Thursday, July 20, 2017


A few weeks ago, we talked about the Murrells of Rancho Palos Verde, California, a sordid tale of wealth, arrogance, clever lawyers and Pyrrhic victories. 1,207 more words

Case of the Day - Independence Day, 2017


Confusion reigns over who owns and controls the tree lawn, that strip between your front sidewalk and the street. With July 4th upon us, we’re again hearing the same question we hear every year: can I, Harry or Harriet Homeowner, keep parade watchers off my beautiful tree lawn (or, in the alternative, can I reserve the best seats for my family and friends)? 788 more words

Law of Limitation

Now before we start with this subject there are a few points we need to keep in mind. First thing is that I am not going to write long sentences here and make it tedious for you to read and for me to write. 750 more words