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Where numbers matter: Better herd management for better productivity in Kenya's pastoral communities

The north eastern region of Kenya is home to pastoralists whose livelihoods mostly depend on the sale and consumption of livestock and their products. But the pastoral production systems in the region are characterized by low growth rates and off-takes coupled with frequent cyclic droughts, which increase the vulnerability of these communities. 487 more words


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Top 7 Meeting Trends In E. Africa In 2017

Are you planning the latest edition of your annual expo?
Organising a regional or international conference?
Perhaps you have been tasked with putting together your association’s end of year conference? 90 more words


A Solitary Coconut Tree

Nazi Moja had a special ring to it, although the meaning was simple: one coconut. For most people, they imagined a lonely coconut tree bending in the gentle Dar es Salaam breeze and they’d be partly right. 39 more words

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The Elusive Quest to Fix (Political) Governance Problems Using Technology

File this under “the perils of treating political problems as technical problems”:

The government’s main financial management system is marred by technology loopholes, making it prone to abuse and possible loss of public funds, an official audit has revealed.

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The digital revolution was created by hackers, geniuses and geeks

The origin of the tech industry and the advancements that have created the worlds wealthiest people is summed up beautifully in the words of Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” In recognizing the motivation in men and taking action with perfect timing, you can have your name emblazoned in the history books and make a few shillings in the process. 770 more words