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Northern California Weather

Confusing saturday, ya’lll!

… I just don’t understand the weather where I live. As most of you know I live (with my parents) but during school (I go to SSU) I’m in NorCal. 228 more words


Road Trip 2012

At the beginning of the summer of 2012, I took a road trip to a couple of cities on the east coast of the United States. 234 more words


Thanksgiving on Rhode Island

For the past 4 years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in the city. I created my own tradition of attending the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then following it up at a friends for a feast. 138 more words

Following a Dream in 2017 - Day 17 of 100

Today I closed on three fine art sales. It provided a much needed boost to my confidence on my dream job’s long-term viability, as I was beginning to wonder if there was a market for my product.  160 more words

The side of travelling that no one talks about......

Whenever you scroll through instagram pages or Facebook you see all these amazing travel photos, you see the quotes urging you to travel and you read the blogs telling you to quit your job and just go. 805 more words


Old Pal Spencer

While in New York City I was given a locals cocktail tour by my friend Umesh.  One of the nights we spent in the Upper East side roaming from bar to bar, having a one drink at each.   17 more words

Thrifted Thursdays: 01.20.17

We spent much of Tuesday afternoon browsing the thrift shops in St. John’s. We’re typically rushed on Tuesdays, since we’re often going here and there picking up trunk-loads of butter, flour, and icing sugar. 242 more words