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Guest post by Cllr Oli Rahman: Biggs's successes due to Lutfur's 'progressive' agenda

Ahead of Wednesday’s full council meeting, this is a guest post by Cllr Oliur Rahman, leader of the 12-strong Tower Hamlets Independent Group (formerly known as Tower Hamlets First). 1,356 more words

Tower Hamlets mayoral scandal: Consequences south of the river?

It’s an east London matter, but last week’s news that Tower Hamlets’ elected mayor Lutfur Rahman had been booted out of office by an election court after being found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices during an election could have consequences south of the river too. 606 more words


Local independent press set to disappear in London boroughs

The independent press is quickly disappearing across London boroughs as town hall propaganda sheets take over journalism’s turf.

In April 2014, Secretary of State for Communities, Eric Pickles, issued… 563 more words


Now Eric Pickles threatens legal action over East End Life

Is the end in sight for East End Life? It’s been predicted many times before.

But last Friday, Eric Pickles’s Department for Communities and Local Government… 1,417 more words

Your rights to inspect and analyse Tower Hamlets council's annual accounts: You have until July 28

It’s probably a legacy from my days as a member of the “accountants’ union”, but I’ve always had a respect for the worker bees in Tower Hamlets council’s over-stretched finance department. 887 more words

Ejected from a Tower Hamlets council meeting for swearing at a spin doctor

To cut a long story short, I was ejected from a Tower Hamlets council meeting tonight and frogmarched out of the town hall by two uniformed security guards on the orders of Head of Communications Takki Sulaiman. 949 more words