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Electric Swallow

The Simson Schwalbe (German for Swallow – the bird you smutty minded lot) was, for those that don’t know, a classic East German  scooter/moped. It followed the ‘enclosed motorcycle’ model with larger 16″ wheels than classic Italian scooter. 253 more words


Generations of Germany

The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) stands on Pariser Platz in Berlin, a symbol of German unity that for decades was enclosed in Communist East Berlin, and the scene and symbolism for important moments in Nina Willner’s…
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Newly Published

Review: Karl Marx City, 2016, dir. Petra Epperlein

Who needs to go to the Toronto International Film Festival when you can just watch movies in competition remotely? Okay, fair answer: Me. I need to go. 163 more words


The Helsinki Pact by Alex Cugia

Berlin 1989. The Soviet Union economy is bankrupt and the only hope is financial aid from the West German Bank. The Stasi corrupted members still try to benefit from their positions. 706 more words



On September 15th, 1979, two East German families, the Wetzels and the Strelzyks, travelled from East to West Germany in a hot air balloon.



Gone at Fifty. So Young.

A grand celebration,
Steins and brats dusted off
For the twenty-fifth anniversary
Of the country that
Existed without recognition
That it had been around
For a quarter of a century. 96 more words


Eastern Promise

Here at TLCB we usually feature vehicles that are powerful, fast, and highly desirable. The East-German Trabant was… er,  none of those things.

Built between 1957 and 1991 the Trabant was almost the only car available to the East Germans trapped behind the Iron Curtain. 431 more words