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Stasiland by Anna Funder: A Journalistic Take on East Germany's Good Old, Bad Old Days

This book is a journalistic voyage into how the lives of East German citizens were affected by their secret police during and after the Cold War. 580 more words


Cycling in East Germany 2011

Cycling in East Germany, near the Müritzsee, summer 2011.

Just click the link: Cycling in East Germany 2011

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Harperman it's time for you to go!!!!!

The Canadian Federal Election will not come soon enough. In the meantime I am publishing here a song that has gone viral thanks to Harperman himself. 150 more words

Billy Bragg wobbles (a bit)

I have to confess to mixed impressions about Billy Bragg. Sometimes his sense of Englishness, shot through with a certain class consciousness seems to veer off into a kind of nationalism and he seem unaware of how necessary caution is when playing with national feelings in a country which has had its national consciousness shaped by centuries of slavery, exploitation, imperial plunder and colonial wars. 162 more words


Happy in East-Germany

Two pretty young ladies, born in Hitler’s Germany, and at the time this picture was taken living in East Germany. From an unfree high to an unfree low. 66 more words

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The migrant crisis is dividing Germany all over again - The Washington Post

This is a powerful article

from the Washington Post arguing that attitudes about migrants and refugees in Germany are more tolerant in the country’s western region than in the former communist east. 87 more words