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Erich Honecker and David Rockefeller?

According to some very interesting documents released by Wikileaks, it seems that Erich Honecker may have been meeting with David Rockefeller, Sr.  It appears that in October 1979 an invitation was extended to Rockefeller by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) for a visit.  207 more words


Censorship of the Arts in the German Democratic Republic

The German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) was well known for its censorship of ideas that threatened the state, this included art, cinema, literature, poetry and ‘problematic’ political ideas such as pro-Western or pro-capitalist thought.  924 more words


Muscle Building in the National Liberated Zone

An anti-fascist piece posing as an anti-steroids banner.


A little communist work with a scrub brush builds better muscles, right?


5. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Bedeutende Frauen in der Deutschen Geschichte!

This week, we discussed important women in German History. We only had an hour, so the list was pretty short – and not nearly as long as my preliminary list of women. 894 more words


Mein Rostock, unser Hansa

You’ve not made it as a city until a pop song has been written for you. New York. Paris. Amsterdam. Bangkok. Erm, Amarillo. This tradition exists among songwriters in other languages also. 977 more words