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Art of the East German Uprising

As Stalin grew ever more paranoid and unpredictable in the final months of his life, the ailing dictator demanded that Walter Ulbricht’s Communist government in the German Democratic Republic consolidate its control over the country by intensifying the process of Sovietization. 745 more words



I’m not high up enough in the food chain to have my memoirs published or to have my diaries forged.  I do, however, have many a quiet evening on my own.  517 more words


One Evening in October: FC Carl Zeiss Jena v AS Roma, 1980

To many followers of German football today, Carl Zeiss Jena are but a hazy blur on the landscape. At best, known as a small club connected in some way to a company that makes camera lenses and specialist optical devices. 2,056 more words


World Cup Part 4: East Germany v West Germany, 1974

We against Us: DR. CHRISTOPH WAGNER looks at the historic clash between East and West Germany at the 1974 World Cup

Every time a World Cup is about to kick-off, the Germans are somehow said to be among the favourites. 825 more words

World Cup

Field Trip: Halle an der Saale, Pt. I

Join GDR Objectified for this Field Trip to Halle an der Saale where we look for remnants of East Germany in the cityscape. In this the first of two parts, we’ll explore the city centre before heading out to the town’s western end to begin exploring Neustadt, the GDR’s fourth “socialist city”.


Nightfall Berlin: the Cold War continues…

This is entirely a great read, and like all great reads, it works on several levels. You can read it simply as the continuing adventures of Major Tom Fox, Brit spook person,  carrying out a certainly secret and possibly dubious mission in East Germany. 474 more words

Book Reviews

Movie Review: Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution (2007)

Starring: Catherine Tate, Iain Glenn and Jessica Barden

Directed by: Billie Eltringham

Mr. Ratcliffe is a communist as is his daughter Mary and in 1968 he receives a job offer to move from Yorkshire to East Germany to teach English literature. 486 more words