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Ruth Brandin Und Die Sputniks - Mich Hat Noch Keiner Beim Twist

In the dark days of the Cold War, long before Germany was reunited, the government of East Germany feared foreign cultural influences undermining its legitimacy. A response was to create homegrown pop music to fend off Chubby Checker, the Beatles and others. 91 more words


Six Books about Life in East Germany

Maxim Leo’s story of a family is also a story of a nation.

Jana Hensel’s book considers what might have been lost when the wall came down. 95 more words


Dear Greeks:

I hear you can’t pay your debts again. I am a little sorry but you brought it on yourselves. A few reminders.

Your country is a democracy. 655 more words

Current Events

Berlin Now, Peter Schneider


Translated by Sophie Schlondorff, 2014: Penguin

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

More recently I’ve kind of realised just how much I love historical books, so when I was waiting around in the airport in Belfast, I couldn’t help having a look through the history section and came across this little gem. 169 more words


What about Bautzen? | Exploring the heartland of Sorbic Culture

When to comes to Central Europe, my ignorance is shocking.

So I went to Bautzen.

The view from The Reichenturm

This charming little town, with it’s cobblestone roads and spellbinding courtyards, is known as the cultural heartland of the  176 more words


A warning from the generals of the former GDR: "Haven’t the recent US/NATO wars brought enough grief ?"

Posted on Fort Russ

Die Junge Welt May 6, 2015

May 7, 2015

Translated from German by Tom Winter

Translator’s note: News of this warning from the generals of the former DDR has been all over the European press. 907 more words