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Guyana lying competition - indian wedding

some black people had a lying contest the other day
didn’t catch the early rounds but walked in on the finals as the two pugilists were preparing to battle it out for lying supremacy… 471 more words


Language ministry to East Indians

True Path to God is a unique language ministry making it possible to reach out to East Indians in local neighborhoods and around the world. And Dr. 605 more words

CR Article

east indian exodus & destruction in guyana

no one has raped, killed, brutalised, tormented, terrorised, pauperised and demoralised east indians more in Guyana than the PPP but yet they get away preaching a bastardi$ed version of hinduvta. 211 more words


Grilled Pineapple Red Bell Pepper Chutney

This is sauce that is a perfect end of winter, here comes spring, addition to your menu. The chutney is a lovely savory concoction that is a fragrant, tongue tingling reminder of the long dinners on cold snowy nights  with your friends. 582 more words

Politics and the politics of being polite.

I thought, with all going on at home, I could escape for a little while. The problem with me is that after I’ve left a situation I usually forget all of its downfalls. 816 more words

Journal Entry

I am taking back the "Indian" - for my kids' sake!

When I moved to Canada 11 years ago I heard this word for the first time. And then it continued to pop up in conversation. Recently my kids heard it too. 481 more words