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east indian exodus & destruction in guyana

no one has raped, killed, brutalised, tormented, terrorised, pauperised and demoralised east indians more in Guyana than the PPP but yet they get away preaching a bastardi$ed version of hinduvta. 211 more words


Politics and the politics of being polite.

I thought, with all going on at home, I could escape for a little while. The problem with me is that after I’ve left a situation I usually forget all of its downfalls. 816 more words

Journal Entry

I am taking back the "Indian" - for my kids' sake!

When I moved to Canada 11 years ago I heard this word for the first time. And then it continued to pop up in conversation. Recently my kids heard it too. 481 more words


East Indian dinner: naan bread

Whenever I have a second (on the weekend), I try to prepare a big east Indian meal. Even though the curry are from a spice mix, or sauce in a jar, they are still one of my household favorite. 158 more words


Celeste Ng addresses Asian-American women writers "hiding in plain sight"

Celeste Ng

Inspired by an incident in which an author event promoter told her he had trouble finding Asian-American writers for his speakers series, novelist Celeste Ng has written a much-needed and extremely valuable piece for… 394 more words

Book News

Your invite for a Christmas Service, the Indian style, in Edmonton!

We cordially invite you and your family for a grand Christmas celebration

 On December 25th, 2014

At: 4:30 PM

Venue: C/o Concordia Lutheran Church,

5420-19A Avenue, Edmonton, T6L 3Z8… 66 more words