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The Tamale Lady

East L.A. has a lot of strong-hearted people, some who are considered celebrities are the people who are inspirations or role models for success. An example of such a person is Mrs. 355 more words


Profile: Steven Biagini, captain of the East Los Angeles Sheriff Department

He has worked with the sheriff department for thirty-six years, resolving custody cases, patrolling areas, and appearing in court. He is a husband and a father of four. 445 more words


City Terrace Park

Some people believe there is nothing special or worthwhile in East Los Angeles. I think those people have been looking in the wrong places because they completely overlooked City Terrace Park. 504 more words


Oriol's Bike Shop

Oriol Bike Shop is a bike shop located at 4236 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue in the East Los Angeles area. The bike shop is a family owned business and has served this community’s biking needs for many years. 446 more words


Aurora Gonzales, Pasteleria Luceros

If you heard the word celebrity what comes to mind? Is it some huge movie star that has millions of dollars, or some sports athlete that plays in a famous sports team? 426 more words


Victor Felix, administrator of 'Who Remembers in East LA' Facebook page

Victor Felix was raised in East L.A. He attended Belvedere Middle School and Solis High School, which was located by the 710 freeway before it was remodeled to be the Santa Marta Hospital. 794 more words


Maravilla Housing Projects

When people think of East Los Angeles the first things that pop into most people’s heads are gang violence, drugs dealers, crooks, and thieves. In a way this is what makes the Maravilla Projects such a well-known place because, yes, these things do occur, but crime is not exclusive to just East L.A. 307 more words