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What sort of person thinks this is OK? Try starting a new line, or adding your trolley to one of the numerous stacks not already blocking half the road. 7 more words

East London

【簡】伦敦Red Market夜市开了!

东伦敦的food market开了一个又一个,说真的,食物都大同小异。

但BTM美食纠察队却对刚在上星期开幕的Red Market心动。

主要原因是Red Market其实是Red Gallery艺术廊举办的,每次都会邀请伦敦不同的艺术家做场地设计,所以Red Market整体的都带有一种艺术X街头风的感觉。但这一切可能很快都会因为卖地而变成历史。

另一不得不提的就是连台湾刈包也进驻了Red Market! 真的不可少看刹包在英国美食界极速走红的威力

Address : RED Market, 288 Old Street, EC1V 9LA London


5:00 pm – 12:00 am… 17 more words

Bubble Tea Magazine

【ENG】Grasp the Last Days of Shoreditch

We’ve lost count on the number of endless pop up happening in Shoreditch every month. Yet Red Market is a one that could be at it’s last days, as the venue maybe sold to our all time favourite greedy property developers (again… sigh). 81 more words


【繁】倫敦Red Market夜市開了!

東倫敦的food market開了一個又一個,說真的,食物都大同小異。

但BTM美食糾察隊卻對剛在上星期開幕的Red Market心動。

主要原因是Red Market其實是Red Gallery藝術廊舉辦的,每次都會邀請倫敦不同的藝術家做場地設計,所以Red Market整體的都帶有一種藝術X街頭風的感覺。但這一切可能很快都會因為賣地而變成歷史。

另一不得不提的就是連台灣刈包也進駐了Red Market! 真的不可少看剎包在英國美食界極速走紅的威力喔!

Address : RED Market, 288 Old Street, EC1V 9LA London


5:00 pm – 12:00 am… 17 more words


Modern Pantry, Finsbury Square

You might have seen Modern Pantry feature in the ubiquitous best brunches in London lists, but I’ve actually never tried their brunch menu. Instead, my first visit was for dinner followed by another for afternoon tea; both with my sister, both at the original Clerkenwell branch and both equally impressive (the afternoon tea is great value for money and showcases some unexpected flavour combinations). 814 more words

Restaurant Reviews

Hyderabad Darbar

Not every quest to get your hands on yummy food is a success and sadly Hyderabad Darbar was one such fruitless journey to Green road. My friend bigged the place up with talks of amazing desi food. 245 more words

East London