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John Steinbeck - Quote

‘All great and precious things are lonely’

East of Eden.  Steinbeck.

I don’t agree fully. ¬†However, it caused me pause and I wanted to share.


Carry over

In the grace of your presence , I am humbled
Mighty cherubim guard my mind
Sweet seraphim raise me into your heights

Invisible to me but in spirit naked… 43 more words

Best reads the last 12 months

The first couple hours I had away from Edith after she was born were spent in a coffee shop diving into a mammoth novel. She was probably two months old when this happened. 970 more words


High Falutin' Hens (or Poussins)

…a tight hard little woman humorless as a chicken.
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Or is the proper spelling high falootin’?

Either way, calling these birds… 468 more words


Genesis 3:24

Science Rendition

So it causes the ADM-ic mind and consciousness to leave the organic sphere and it then sets up at the universal anteriority of time of the organic sphere the vast generative potential for reflexive organic life forms, and a vortex of fire, to block access to the very source of life itself (which would negate the necessary development of the ADM-ic mind and consciousness). 805 more words


Jane Austin vs John Steinbeck: The Ultimate Smackdown

Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. I’ve never made it through a Jane Austin novel, though I did watch the movie version of Pride & Prejudice… 615 more words

Bad People or Bad Choices?

In my youth, parents, principals, teachers, den mothers, filmstrips, and preachers taught that every action was a reflection of your character.

In fact, it probably went deeper than that: your very thoughts needed to remain pure, ideally never straying from avenues of indoctrination, but at the very worst, if you found yourself hankering to do bad, tempted to wander across the tracks to the dark side of town, that thought had to be doused, snuffed, strangled, eliminated. 337 more words