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Cover: James Dean: American Rebel

James Byron Dean, recognised as America’s Rebel has now been dead for 60 years. He was killed in an automobile accident in California on September 30, 1955. 1,671 more words


Perenjori, Western Australia

These photographs were taken during our trip North to Perenjori this past Sunday.  On the drive back from Mike’s footy game we paused to take in the spectacular sunset.   309 more words


UPDATE #5: Summer Reading Challenge

I finished East of Eden last night, after making it through my first Fantasy Football Draft. That’s right, I FINISHED A BOOK ON MY LIST. Here are some quick thoughts, as I am already weaving the words together of a new post that I really want to get out. 716 more words

Summer Reading Challenge

The Never Ending War: The Cataclysm Within

The greatest terror a child can have is that he is not loved, and rejection is the hell he fears. I think everyone in the world to a large or small extent has felt rejection.

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Back-slapping: (n) the action of effusively congratulating or encouraging someone, typically by slapping a person’s back.

What is praise-worthy?

I must be honest with you and tell you that I’m often disturbed by what we consider to be acceptable, and also what is granted accolade. 222 more words

B Words

Timothy Carey wrestles James Dean

Timothy Carey (1929 – 1994) played villain ‘South Dakota Slim’ in Bikini Beach (1964) and Beach Blanket Bingo (1965).

East of Eden

“East of Eden” by John Steinbeck
(First publication: 1952 / This edition: Penguin Books, Steinbeck Centennial Edition 2002)
Taken with a sunflower Mom and I got at the market today.
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