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Mid West Canine Influenza Outbreak FAQ for New York dog owners

Dog owners should know that there is currently a canine influenza outbreak in Chicago and other parts of the Midwest. Currently there are no cases in the New York area, but we’ve put together some information so you’ll know how to protect your dogs from this contagious disease. 632 more words

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New Modern Korean Restaurant ”Oiji” East Village

Co owner chef Brian Sehong Kim & Chef TK KU

Oiji is a new modern Korean restaurant in the East Village, unlike the other Korean restaurants such as the ones in K Town. 206 more words

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Produce Delivery, Tuesday 5/5

Bok Choy, Baby — Punta Gorda, FL
Chard, Rainbow — Punta Gorda, FL
Cilantro — California
Grapefruit, Red Flame — Vero Beach, FL
Kale, Green Curly — Punta Gorda, FL 58 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

'Empire State of Mind'

There’s a reason New York has been the creative influence behind countless songs over the decades – it really is a magnificent city. Some of it has changed over the years since I’ve been there, but that feeling of excitement and possibility I get while I’m there remains the same. 665 more words


Produce Delivery, Monday 5/4

Apples, Cameo — Washington State
Avocados, Hass — Mexico
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Peru
Blueberries — USA
Broccoli — California 108 more words

Produce Delivery Announcements

How The Fillmore East Changed My Life

The year was 1969. I was a 17-year-old high school graduate living and working in Connecticut. I was a babe in the woods when it came to New York City and “Live” rock concerts. 1,421 more words


Seen: Edvard Munch x Ice Cream // New York City

East Village, this is why we love you. Everybody scream for Munchies.