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Seoul ramps up security for prominent defectors

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Mr Jung Gwang Il, a prominent North Korean prison camp survivor turned defector, is used to having a plain-clothes police officer shadow him wherever he goes in South Korea. 726 more words

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FatCat Ice Cream Bar - Singapore

It was a lazy afternoon when I visited the cafe in the eastern part of Singapore. Located near Bedok Central, this small Ice Cream Bar is usually filled with customers on weekends. 177 more words


Carol Mel Cafe, Tai Seng: When a Cafe Defies Predictions of Doom

In 2015, when Carol Mel Cafe first opened in the industrial area of Tai Seng, Daniel Food Diary wrote, “I wonder a trip down just for this .” That’s a euphemism for “no business: close down soon.” … 838 more words


Wolves of East Anglia Part 1

After a mild fender bender, Raedwald had an irrefutable desire to ask┬áLexi out while she’s on vacation in England. Their mutual attracts hits them both like a brick. 524 more words