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Early Europeans Linked To Mysterious Yamnaya Humans From The East

Researchers studied nuclear DNA from the remains of 69 individuals who lived across Europe between 8,000 and 3,000 years ago, and the genome data of another 25 ancient Europeans, has uncovered evidence of a previously unidentified migration of people into Europe from the east. 322 more words

Old Europe

Anglian Cleaning Services

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Sec 2NA Maths at Mariam Way!

Assignment # 3257

Sec 2NA Girl 
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Sec 4NA Comb Sci (Phy / Chem) at Bedok Reservoir Rd!

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Sec 3NT Maths at Tampines St 33!

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Easter Beef Roulade

Every Easter it is a Greek tradition to eat lamb and usually roasted on a spit. Those who have a large number lamb eaters in the family and have the space to roast a whole lamb on the soulva partake in the tradition. 456 more words


Among rosebushes

My human lady is too low level to be in Imloth Melui… so my elf maiden got to model in this beautiful, beautiful town instead. Lossarnach and Imloth Melui are in my opinion the most beautiful area of all the Gondor landscape, even western. 138 more words